A lot of big Batmale comics dropped this week, including a double dose of the Joker’s brand-new second in command, Punchline. But what about the Clvery own Prince of Crime himself? What does he have up his sleeve?

Well, according to this week’s Batman: Secret Files #3, it’s to take all of Bruce Wayne’s money and turn it against him.

The Joker knows Batman’s secret identity

All year, Batman comics have been gearing up for Joker War, a Gotham-wide crossover in which, well, the Joker does something massive and also poor. The difference through Joker War is that now the murderous clown knows that Batman and also Bruce Wayne are the exact same perchild. And he also knows the identities of the remainder of the Bat-household.

This is an concept via some precedence in Batguy comics, however the Joker himself sums it up plainly in “Fool’s Gold,” an eight-page story appearing in Batman: Secret Files #3, created by Joker War architect James Tynion IV, and drawn by Sumit Kumar.

Image: James Tynion IV, Sumit Kumar/DC Comics The question on everyone’s mind is what the Joker plans to do through that indevelopment. Expose Batman’s trick to the world? Thrconsumed his family? Desecprice his parents’ graves? No.

“You’re going after the Wayne fortune,” Deathstroke guesses, and also nails it on the head.

Image: James Tynion IV, Sumit Kumar/DC Comics For his participation in a five-means assassin attack distractivity, Joker offers him all the money Bruce set aside for his nemesis, Prick Graychild. And while Batman is busy putting out those fires, the Joker will certainly do the one thing many likely to damage Batguy forever: pick his pocket.

And you recognize what? Good for him.

Batman will certainly be fine

I’ll say it, as a large Batguy fan: Bruce should have actually much less money. Now, granted, he’s been on a large recent push to pour cash into Gotham’s metropolitan renewal, however till he’s just millionaire Bruce Wayne, he must store going. The hero’s endmuch less fortune doesn’t just invite questions around his public responsibilities, it’s also pertained to feature as a deus ex capitalism, handwaving any level of property destruction and excutilizing any reveal of a brand-new gizmo or car.

Batman’s money permits authors to transcreate him right into a grim version of Silver Period Superman, that could take a trip backwards in time by accidentally flying as well quick. And while that might be a realistic depiction of the power of a multibillion dollar fortune, it’s not especially excellent for developing high stakes comics.

Unfortunately, the Joker isn’t likely to be any better a billionaire than Bruce Wayne is, funneling that fortune into killing the Batguy and every little thing.

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But if Bruce Wayne’s pocket takes a hit from this one, or the Joker gets all the means to the vault only to find that all the money has currently been invested on Gotham infrastructure? I won’t mind.