A lot of of big Batman comics dropped this week, consisting of a double dose of the Joker’s new second in command, Punchline. However what around the Clown Prince the Crime himself? What walk he have up his sleeve?

Well, according to this week’s Batman: secret Files #3, it’s to take every one of Bruce Wayne’s money and also turn it against him.

The Joker to know Batman’s secret identity

All year, Batman comics have been gearing up for Joker War, a Gotham-wide crossover in which, well, the Joker does something big and bad. The difference with Joker War is that now the murderous clown knows the Batman and also Bruce Wayne space the same person. And he additionally knows the identities of the remainder of the Bat-family.

This is an idea with some precedence in Batman comics, yet the Joker self sums it increase plainly in “Fool’s Gold,” one eight-page story showing up in Batman: mystery Files #3, composed by Joker battle architect James Tynion IV, and also drawn through Sumit Kumar.

Image: James Tynion IV, Sumit Kumar/DC Comics The inquiry on everyone’s psychic is what the Joker plans come do v that information. Expose Batman’s secret to the world? Threaten his family? Desecrate his parents’ graves? No.

“You’re going after the Wayne fortune,” Deathstroke guesses, and nails that on the head.

Image: James Tynion IV, Sumit Kumar/DC Comics for his participation in a five-way assassin strike distraction, Joker offers him every the money Bruce set aside because that his nemesis, prick Grayson. And while Batman is busy placing out those fires, the Joker will carry out the one point most likely to ruin Batman forever: choose his pocket.

And you know what? good for him.

Batman will be fine

I’ll speak it, as a big Batman fan: Bruce should have actually less money. Now, granted, he’s been on a big recent push to pour cash into Gotham’s city renewal, yet until he’s simply millionaire Bruce Wayne, he have to keep going. The hero’s endless fortune doesn’t simply invite questions around his public responsibilities, it’s additionally come to duty as a deus ex capitalism, handwaving any level of property destruction and also excusing any kind of reveal of a new gizmo or vehicle.

Batman’s money enables writers to change him right into a grim variation of Silver period Superman, who can travel backwards over time by coincidentally flying as well fast. And while that may be a realistic depiction that the strength of a multibillion dissension fortune, it’s no particularly good for developing high crest comics.

Unfortunately, the Joker isn’t most likely to it is in any much better a billionaire 보다 Bruce Wayne is, funneling the fortune right into killing the Batman and also everything.

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Yet if Bruce Wayne’s bag takes a struggle from this one, or the Joker gets all the means to the vault just to uncover that all the money has already been invested on Gotham infrastructure? ns won’t mind.