I'm going indigenous Mac come PC, and also I have to sync my iPhone. Is iTunes for home windows still a heap of crap the slows down PCs?


It's pretty negative on Windows. Very buggy and also slow, crashes sometimes. For some reason if you maximize the window, it'll do it contempt bigger than your screen and off-center... It's simply a mess overall. You'd think they'd want to it to it is in a fifty percent decent app so that world don't think Mac software program is the terrible.

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Very buggy and also slow, crashes sometime

I see no bugs, that fast, and also never ever crashes.

You'd think they'd want to the to it is in a half decent app so that people don't think Mac software is that terrible.

Seriously, it has actually zero worries on my contemporary computer. Have the right to you please be specific? Others ns have challenged were unable to.

If you room not specific, you are FOS.

Depends ~ above the PC. I've watched it mounted on main point 2 duos and also it has actually ran choose crap but works fine on one i3 so it really relies on the hardware her running that on.

I've personally never had actually any big issues with iTunes for home windows (and I've had actually an over 100gb+ iTunes Library on older Windows laptop computers that launched/opened in around 3 seconds.)

But together a man who's spent 20+ year in IT/Techsupport.. I certainly have checked out iTunes have actually a lot an ext problems top top Windows.. However I'm not sure I'd attribute 100% the those instances to gift the error of iTunes.

You need to remember ~ above Windows... You've obtained a much much more random/wider diversity of setting (more diverse hardware, an ext diverse software, etc,etc) --- contrasted to Mac/OSX.. Which is a much more homogenous/unified environment.

Apple definitely doesn't location a large emphasis/priority that "iTunes because that Windows".. Therefore it's never ever gonna it is in a "1st course citizen" choose iTunes because that OSX is.

It operation perfectly fine and never crashes top top either machine of mine.

Windows or OSX.

It likewise never slowed under computers.

I've had bad experiences through it being slow and slowing points down in the past, so ns guess that's why i assumed it slowed computers down still.

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