Most series building to a sacrifice ritual would have thought a bloodbath would certainly make a well season finale. Exactly how happy are we that The Vampire Diaries didn’t protect against there? By walk a step further, the producers finished the season with every personality (that survived) being an ext compelling 보다 they were simply last week. Until Damon required to his deathbed and time slowed because that his heart-to-heart v Elena, the illustration did feeling somaramuseum.orghat choppy. But that’s just since there was so lot to set up for following season, i beg your pardon we’ll enter with the satisfying emotion that no personality on the show is so underutilized the she’d be far better off dead (RIP, Aunt Jenna). Exec producer Julie Plec offered some post-show shade commentary for us. Here’s our standard play-by-play.

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I’m curious: did anyone rather think, just for a second, the Elena somehow walked in ~ above a sleeping Elijah once she peeked right into Jeremy’s bedroom? that would have actually made no sense, obviously, but Steven R. McQueen looked prefer Daniel Gillies from the distance, and also now that my mind has actually gone there, what execute you think Elijah sleeps in? A equipment wife-beater and a pair the silk pants? (Shorts would certainly seem undignified.) Anyway, after Elena surveyed Jenna’s north bedroom, she discovered the residence wasn’t as empty together she thought: Damon to be there to ask her to forgive him because that feeding her his blood. It was the sweetest, softest voice we’d ever before heard Damon usage — approximately that point. Elena said she essential time, perhaps a most it. Us Damon didn’t have actually that; that didn’t also have enough energy to progressive his eyebrows.

Back at the Salvatore mansion, Damon went for the good bottle the bourbon in the earlier of the liquor cabinet and stood in front of a stained glass window. It was peaceful, like he remained in church. That dropped his ring and also started come let self burn. Stefan tackled him and told Damon he wouldn’t be dying today. He locked Damon in the cabinet in the basement. Damon want Stefan to simply say goodbye. As Damon lay sneeze up blood, Stefan told the to maintain his strength. Stefan phoned Alaric, who, naturally, to be hitting the bottle at The Grill. The was a good conversation, wasn’t it?

Alaric: Well, you must have me perplexed with someone else. See, I’m not permitted to help, simply idly sit by while mine girlfriend gets sacrificed on an altar of blood.

That’s how you remind viaramuseum.orgers what taken place last week! once Stefan told him Damon to be dying, and Alaric said, “What execute you need?” ns swooned. That Alaric-Damon bromance is still among my favorite relationship on the show. Apparently, Stefan essential Alaric to take it over suicide Watch 2011 for this reason the following can happen: Damon can maybe kinda sorta apologize to Alaric for his role in Jenna’s death (Alaric didn’t reprimand him for that) and for transforming his wife into a vampire. “Okay, give me your glass. Neither among us is drunk sufficient for this conversation,” Alaric said, having brought a party down through him. Damon ordered Alaric through the throat and begged him to perform what Damon had done come Rose: “Kill me. Please,” he said. “ you,” Alaric answered, and also stabbed him v vervain. “Elena?” Damon said as he hit the dirt. Ns wasn’t sure if he to be having one more hallucination (at one point, we saw him imagine start Katherine’s bedroom in 1864 to settle her corset strings prior to heading off to war and also Elena appearing to tell that Katherine was simply toying v him — he had actually a choice); if he was calling the end her name due to the fact that he want Alaric to know he required to view her; or if she was simply the only thing on his mind. Alaric claimed she wasn’t there. However she was on her way…

Stefan interrupted Jeremy, Caroline, and also Elena preparing for an escapist evening in the city square city hall Gone through the Wind to tell Elena around Damon’s weraramuseum.orgolf bite. That was a standup thing to do, Stefan: He want to give Elena time to say she goodbyes come Damon, if it involved that. Emotion guilty the he forced Damon to become a vampire in the very first place, Stefan had actually Bonnie channel Emily at Witch main so he can ask her if she that a cure. The witches assumed Bonnie to be abusing her power, and also they didn’t desire to play. Stefan tried to factor with Emily that by not helping Damon, she wasn’t maintaining the balance in nature, she was simply punishing him. Tho nothing. Luckily, Bonnie heard Emily speak a name — Klaus. I was reasoning Klaus would need to bite Damon and also somehow readjust him right into a hybrid, so climate we’d watch Damon, who’d invested two seasons trying to gain back his humanity, having to deal with being the many vicious creature on the planet. Wrong! Stefan told Elena he had actually to find Klaus. Klaus could’ve killed him on the night the the sacrifice and hadn’t. He can negotiate.

Klaus’ entrance in this episode was shirtless. Welcome come the fold, Joseph Morgan! He’d woken up naked in the woods after two days together a weraramuseum.orgolf. Elijah to be there through clothes. I love the means he pulled under Klaus’ jacket. Appearance/fit is essential to Elijah, isn’t it? Klaus revealed the he could adjust at will and that the remembers every kill. The told Elijah no one can kill that now, not also him, and thank you. “All is forgiven,” Klaus said. What was forgiven? The fact that Elijah had just do the efforts to death him, or every little thing Elijah had done ago in the day to piss the off? (Do we think the it’s not finding Katherine after she escaped or something also juicier?) Elijah wanted to talk about the transaction Klaus had actually made — he stated he’d reunite Elijah through his family. “You must lighten up,” Klaus said. “I’ll lug them come you shortly enough.” If we’d only known…

The fifty percent brothers went back to Alaric’s ar to discover Stefan there. He’d pertained to ask Katherine for her aid in finding Klaus because she clearly he hadn’t been killed because she was still captive. Elijah make the efforts to make nice with Stefan. Stefan comes to Klaus way he understands how vital family is. Elijah betrayed their arrangement to kill Klaus because Klaus had offered him his word the he would certainly reunite him through his own family, Elijah said. “And so ns shall,” Klaus claimed — and stabbed him through the dagger. “Shhhh,” Klaus said, as Elijah turned gray and fell come the floor (and ns wrote, “I hate YOU, KLAUS” in mine notes). I should have actually suspected that would occur when Daniel Gillies claimed in a current with that he personally loves personalities “when castle f— up.” I just didn’t think Klaus would revolve on that so quickly. Ns guess Elijah should have been an ext careful when he made that verbal pact through Klaus (“So you’ll take me to them, resurrect them, and let us all live?”), but then, when you have actually your hand in her brother’s chest, prepared to rip out his heart, you’re not thinking of the fine print.

Staying with Stefan, the next time we experienced him, he was getting repeatedly stabbed by Klaus as Katherine watched. Stefan told the if he aided Damon, he’d do everything Klaus wanted. Klaus said Stefan was virtually useless the means he was, and also again, ns wasn’t sure what he meant by that: was it due to the fact that Stefan was reflecting the kind of love because that Damon the Klaus thinks is a vampire’s biggest weakness? no exactly. That was since Stefan wasn’t the exact same vampire Klaus had heard about — the stunner bloke who was on and also off the wagon because that decades, the one that was “magnificent” in 1917 once he delete everything out an entire village, a “true ripper.” That’s the type of talent that would be advantageous to Klaus once he left Mystic Falls. Klaus referred to as Katherine to him and also bit her. (Can girlfriend imagine if Katherine had gone out as easily as Elijah? too crazy, even for this show!) he then force fed her several of his blood and also the wound healed. His blood to be the cure. If Stefan want it for Damon, he’d have actually to end up being Klaus’ wingman for a decadelong bender. Klaus inquiry Stefan to join him for a drink. Climate he forced him come drink blood bag ~ blood bag until he looked prefer a dog you walk in top top devouring your whole stash the Pup-Peronis. (Shoutout to my parent’s dachshund Charles.) Klaus was smart v the blanket wording the his address Stefan: “You do every little thing I say, and I save your brother.”

We recognize Stefan had actually been drink a little bit of Elena’s blood daily to develop up his tolerance of human blood, but Klaus’ party was also much. As soon as Klaus believed Stefan to be on the roadway to the dark side, the told Katherine to take his blood come Damon and come best back. Stefan, that course, that Katherine was on vervain. Therefore did Klaus, it transforms out. The didn’t care whether she ceded it or fled.

Before we acquire to Katherine’s decision, we need to ago up. Mrs. Mayor, recovered from her “fall,” had actually threatened to change Sheriff Forbes if she couldn’t save the town safe. It was time for Liz to do her move. She went to the Salvatore mansion to see Damon and also took Elena right into custody exterior the residence on Elena’s to walk from her Ford come the door. Liz and also her team went inside, and also Alaric tried to tell her currently was not the right time to talk to Damon, however she opened up the cabinet door, obtained thrown versus the wall, and also out Damon went. Everyone Damon would head come the square to uncover Elena, and also Bonnie wanted Jeremy to cave back. I like that the stood as much as her and said he to be going to discover his sister. Damon’s hallucinations ongoing as he arrived at the town square and thought he witnessed Katherine. Jeremy found Damon first and took him come The Grill for this reason he could speak to for reinforcements.

We should have actually known the moment that Liz called Elena vampires room all killers that SHE would be the one who took a life the night. She gained word wherein Damon was and went into The Grill after him. She took she shot, Damon moved, and she nailed Jeremy in the chest. (I’m selecting to think the weraramuseum.orgolf bite clouded Damon’s judgment around the after-effects of his relocate for Jeremy.) that blood splatter to be perfection. Due to the fact that Liz to be human, Jeremy’s ring wouldn’t work. Caroline arrived and tried to feed Jeremy few of her blood, yet it was also late. The would have actually been also simple, right? Bonnie and also Alaric took Jeremy’s body to Witch main — there was a spell that could carry Jeremy back.

The witches to be pissy v Bonnie for returning and also didn’t desire to help her. There would certainly be consequences, lock told her. “He’s simply a kid. Phone call them to shut up,” Alaric said. Ha. “Emily. Emily. I know you’re there. Please aid me,” Bonnie cried, hold Jeremy’s head in she lap. “I love him.” Ooh, ns just obtained chills inputting that! Kat Graham was good in the scene. Ns loved how she let the blood from her sleep discolor her teeth. It wasn’t pretty, and also it wasn’t supposed to be. It would have been funny-sad had Bonnie made it through trying to kill Klaus however died bringing back Jeremy. She didn’t. The candles flickered off, and you thought maybe it hadn’t worked. However you kinda doubt it did. He awoke.

After Damon escaped Liz’s bullet, the went back to the square and found Elena. As Atlanta melted on the huge screen, Damon sweated as the fever — and hallucinations — overtook him. He was looking in ~ Elena yet seeing himself v Katherine in 1864. He’d wanted to know why Katherine always ran native him, and she stated it was due to the fact that she he would certainly chase her. Damon want to be through her forever, so he asked her to feed him her blood and also not call Stefan. She wouldn’t. He’d need to take it. It was his choice. Elena is happy 1864-human Damon was gentle, due to the fact that as he put his lips to Katherine’s neck in the hallucination/memory, that sunk his teeth right into Elena in actual life. She retained telling him he to be hurting her, and finally, the snapped out of it. They collapsed to your knees and also Elena organized Damon.

Even after that, as soon as they obtained Damon home and into bed and also he inquiry Elena to leave him, Elena told the she wouldn’t. (Really, Elena? girlfriend forgot what occurred when you to be alone through Rose?) She hosted him, and also you couldn’t aid but think back to Damon and also Rose gift in that very same position. He told Elena he realized he’d do his own selection to love Katherine. The asked her to tell Stefan he to be sorry. He stated he’d make a the majority of wrong selections that had actually led the to whereby he was, and also he deserved come die. Laying side by side with Elena now, that told her that was it s okay — because if he’d favored differently, he wouldn’t have met her. The apologized for all the points he’d done to hurt her. “I pardon you,” she said. She what he essential to hear.

“I recognize you love Stefan. And also it will always be Stefan. But I love you. You should understand that,” Damon said. Possibly it was because he the show’s fatality theme was playing for him, but I loved the Damon was able to say that and also make us believe he had no agenda. “I do,” Elena said, calmly and also quietly holding back tears. That wasn’t “I love you, too,” but it was the next ideal thing, and again, what he required to hear. Elena thought he cared for her, believed him capable the caring for her. “You should have met me in 1864. Friend would have liked me,” the said. “I prefer you now. Just the way you are,” she said. Damon’s eye were closed, and also Elena gave him a soft, sweet, chaste kiss ~ above the lips. “Thank you,” the said. “You’re welcome,” she answered. Did you capture Damon’s tiny smile? I believed that scene to be lovely. I don’t think pan who want Stefan and Elena together forever might be angry through her for just how she tackled that. Am ns wrong? How numerous times did friend Delena pan raramuseum.orgind? that holds the record, ns wonder?

“Well it’s me you have to be thanking,” Katherine said, breaking the silence. She had pertained to give Damon the cure since she fan him one for sneaking she the vervain. Elena asked around Stefan (“Are you sure you care?”), and also Katherine told her he to be paying for the cure, that he’d offered himself over to Klaus and also sacrificed every little thing — including Elena — to conserve Damon. “It’s a great thing you have actually Damon to store you company,” Katherine said, enjoying the situation Elena uncovered herself in now that Damon would certainly live and also Stefan’s gone bad. “Oh, it’s it s okay to love them both,” she added. “I did.” therefore Damon was just 90 percent the fool he thought he was with Katherine? That info was a nice parting gift. You recognize Katherine is headed the end of town.

Klaus intends to record Katherine, v Stefan’s help, of course. Last we observed those two, they to be in some sort of warehouse, closeup of the door the lid ~ above Elijah’s coffin and reuniting him with his family. Stefan wanted to recognize what Klaus really plan to execute with him. All will be described in time, Klaus said. (Theories? probably he wants Stefan come train the vampolfs he’ll create?) I thought Stefan questioning if lock were all set to leaving town currently was the good in him shining through — he want to get Klaus as much away indigenous Elena as possible. Probably Klaus suspected that, too. He required to make certain Stefan would certainly do every little thing he said, prefer kill the human being gift Klaus brought him. That Klaus could’ve compelled the girl to “behave” (or not be afraid) and also didn’t was truly cruel. Real rippers gain the hunt, Klaus said. He take it a bite from her and Stefan finished her off. It had actually to repeat you that Stefan happen a young woman for Damon to drink during his transition in 1864. Let’s no forget that also though Damon willingly drank Katherine’s blood (which we currently, the decided against becoming a vampire as soon as he thought Katherine was dead. Stefan is right to feel at the very least partly responsible for Damon being a vampire. Seeing the readjust in Stefan’s eyes once he killed the woman, Klaus stated now they were ready to go. What a great final shoot of them, blood dripping down both your mouths. (Go off and be Spike and also Angel, pre-soul, boys.)

Perhaps the just happy finishing in the episode was Caroline’s. When she gave her mother the naramuseum.orgs that Jeremy to be alive, she also told her she wasn’t going come be fear of her anymore and she didn’t want Liz come be fear of her. She’s quiet her small girl. They hugged that out. Hooray! i love how that could pit Sheriff Forbes versus Mama Lockwood following season, giving them both a meatier story line. Jeremy’s finishing was… well… I’m not sure what that was, various other than awesome. He told Bonnie end a goodnight video clip chat the he feeling different/weird. She reminded that he’d to be dead so the was to be expected. He thanked her, and also she stated he might thank her tomorrow, and the job after that, and also the day after that. Alaric making use of the same line ~ above Jeremy as soon as Jeremy thanked him because that helping Bonnie conserve him — hilarious. Alaric was going to leave the Gilbert house, however then decided to remain on the couch when he establish Jeremy would certainly be alone. Ns hope he moves in permanently. They need a guardian, and he demands not to go ago to his old apartment. That would additionally bring him right into the story more, which I’d love.

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The episode finished with Jeremy go downstairs and seeing both Vicki and also Anna. WHAT?! Is that what those witches intended by consequences: because it to be love that made Bonnie want to bring Jeremy earlier to life, they carried the ghosts the his 2 previous girlfriends with him? will certainly he view all dead people, or just them? (I assume it’s their spirits and also not something impersonal favor The an initial Evil we saw on Buffy.)

Your turn. Were you satisfied v the finale? do you like exactly how Elena tackled Damon’s deathbed confession, or perform you think she betrayed Stefan? how psyched space you for bad Stefan come come out and also play v Klaus? Where do Damon and Elena go from here? (FIND ELIJAH!)


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