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Monday, august 11, 2008

I"m headed the end of city for a few days, for this reason I"m throwing part short-item chum ~ above the comment water this morning.

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The hair the NBC"s key Olympics achor Bob Costas, 56, has actually been thesubject of vital jibber jabber for at the very least two Olympiads, evaluate from the archives. But thisyear his mop is much more remarkable than ever before -- appearing monochromaticad/or synthetic, at the very least on mine low-def TV.

I attributethis no to extreme vanity -- there"s nothing wrong through coloring one"s hairor put on a toupee, if that"s what he"s act -- but to insufficientvanity. Everything he"s act or no doing, the doesn"t seem to be taking enough time or spending sufficient money to obtain his `do night.


UPDATE -- Here"s WGN am 720 host Dean Richards ~ above Costas" hair:

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