Which scene in the film and also television collection have you been frightened? I will answer this question! ! when I to be young, ns was really active and also talkative. It"s regular to little my tongue accidentally. But because I learned to watch TV, I frequently see some cruel people in film and television dramas, that would rather bite your tongues and also commit suicide when they die yet not surrender. You will certainly die when you bite, and you will certainly not bite if you die, which directly scared me out of the "shadow that childhood"!


When I prospered up, I discovered that after ~ biting my tongue for an ext than 20 years, i still live undamaged to this day. Did the movie and TV present lie to me, or did ns bite tough enough? Today, the childhood secret of biting one"s tongue and also committing suicide is around to it is in revealed!

1. Understand the tongue

The old rules, in stimulate to better understand the doubts about whether you can kill you yourself by biting her tongue, let"s first understand a wave of "tongue" knowledge. Many people have a dorn perception the the tongue: the tongue is soft and small, and it must be a fragile species.

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Wrong! In fact, our tongue is a entirety piece the muscle tissue, and also it is the most flexible and also hard muscle in the body. Although it damages when you accidentally bite it, it is much stronger than you think. Our tongue can be separated into tongue base, tongue body and also tongue tip. The tongue and the pointer of the tongue have the right to stick the end of the mouth. Together for the base of the tongue, that is shy and also likes to hide in the throat.


There are plenty of raised particles on the surface ar of the tongue, dubbed tongue papillae. Part tongue papillae epithelium save on computer taste buds, and you have the right to feel the sense of taste. The tongue is full of capillaries, and the bigger blood vessels, such as the lingual artery and also lingual vein, are additionally hidden deep in ~ the earlier of the tongue. I think that everyone already knows about our "tough tongue", and then that is time to uncover the mystery of "biting the tongue and also committing suicide"~

2. It"s easy to bite the tongue, however hard to kill yourself


1 Easy to bite the tongue


Of course, there is another really important reason, i m sorry is what us Cantonese people often say around getting angry. If ours body"s rage is excessive, our tongue will thrive bigger quietly, with evident tooth point out on the edge, and it will be straightforward to bite.

2 Suicide

From this suggest of view, biting the tongue is indeed basic thing to happen in daily life, but it is very difficult to usage it to attain "self-destruction". What the hell is this?

There space three many discussed causes of fatality due come tongue biting: fatality from pain, death due to too much blood loss, and death due to suffocation. In theory, these can be achieved, however it has great technical difficulties and also requires part luck.


Pain to death: human being who yell as soon as they accidentally bit their tongue, the hatchet pain to fatality is not perfect for you. After ~ all, if you haven"t bitten the bleeding, you might give up on your own initiative. In fact, in addition to numerous capillaries on ours tongue, the is also full of nerve endings. This thing deserve to make her tongue feeling pain when it is stimulated. When you bite your tongue tough while you space awake, your nervous mechanism will protest. At this time, your brain will bespeak you to "let go of the tongue", and also you deserve to only perform so.


In various other words, if you desire to "bite her tongue and also kill yourself", your aramuseum.orgd may disagree. Moreover, biting the tongue will only make us endure from shock in ~ best, that is, "neurogenic shock", which deserve to be understood as "shock resulted in by stimulation that the concerned system", however it is not what we call "pain come death". Death due to excessive blood loss:

It was standing to factor that after biting the tongue, it is very feasible to shed too lot blood and also die. However, your teeth are just out that reach! The an initial part that the "understanding of the tongue" is mentioned, although over there are plenty of blood ship on the tongue, yet our teeth have the right to bite site, the site is outside the basic of the tongue, over there are large blood vessels, even if you have that vicious tongue biting, blood It will only circulation out slowly.


Suffocation come death: There room three possibilities for this method of death:

Someone gained dizzy, damaged his tongue and fell deep into his throat, prevent the airway, and suffocated come death; that person"s tongue retreated right into his throat, and also he suffocated again; or that human being bit turn off his tongue and bleeds, blood return to the trachea, that suffocated to fatality again.


It"s nonsense!

First of all, the tongue girlfriend bite is closer to the external of the mouth. If friend bite if standing, the damaged tongue should autumn out. Also if friend bite while lie down, the broken tongue will fall into the cradle tract instead of the trachea at most.

Secondly, the staying root that the tongue will undoubtedly "shrink" ago because that too lot pain. However, the human tongue is usually 5-7 cm, and the basic of the tongue left after being bitten is about 1-2 cm, which makes it impossible to with the throat at all!


3 lisp not, painful ulcers

In summary, that is basically impossible to attain suicide through biting her tongue (of course, the is certain not enabled to discourage suicide in any kind here~). Moreover, suicide deserve to not be achieved, but it is an extremely painful to have an ulcer!

Think around those days as soon as you gained oral ulcers, friend didn"t think around food, you couldn"t even speak, and your high quality of life declined vertically. So, unless you space accidental, don"t take the initiative come bite her tongue.

3. Don"t bite casually as soon as it"s okay, your tongue is very important

There provided to it is in a thank you tongue in my mouth. I didn"t cherish it. As soon as I to be curious come "bite my tongue and also kill myself", ns regretted it. If God can offer me another chance, I will certainly say come everyone: It"s okay, don"t bite casually, your tongue is very important!

1A must-have artifact because that food


Sometimes the teeth room stuffed, and also the tongue is likewise a good tool for flossing. Also if us don"t have actually a tongue, we can likewise rely on our teeth and other muscles in the mouth to aid chew, however it"s relatively difficult and it"s not that happy come eat and drink!

One of the most necessary functions of the tongue is to assist pronunciation once speaking, and also to regulate the airflow and also tone of our mouth. Just imagine, every time girlfriend speak, does your tongue jump up and down flexibly in her mouth to assist you express every word clearly, particularly those "z, c, s, zhi, chi, shi... ." A word v a very comparable pronunciation.


If us don"t have our tongue, we have the right to make a sound, but it is very an overwhelaramuseum.orgg to think about speaking well and also speaking clearly.

3 taste the taste

As pointed out earlier, there are tongue papillae ~ above the tongue and also taste buds on the tongue papillae. It is this taste bud that permits us to identify five flavors: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and fresh . (Why no spicy? due to the fact that spicy is a pain, not a taste.)

If we lose our tongue, we shed the chance to taste the taste. For this reason what we eat doesn"t make much difference to us. Because then, eating has come to be survival, not enjoyment, and also how painful...

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4 Health Barometer

From the view of Chinese medicine, the different colors that the tongue can tell our health. (Not absolutely, perform not sit in the same seat) generally speaking, a healthy tongue is pink and has a smooth surface. If her tongue is as well red, as well white, purple, brown or black, or even cracked, then you have to pay fist to health problems. That is ideal to see a doctor.


The an enig of "biting one"s tongue and committing suicide" to be lifted, and there was no zero of childhood ever before since. Having actually said so much, the editor will say a couple of more words: while this article focuses on popular science, that will carry you a little joy in life. Don"t it is in curious to carry out such an experiment. If you yes, really bite off your tongue by accident, go come the hospital for treatment . Currently the replantation of the broken tongue is very mature~ Finally, share a cold knowledge of the tongue: when you stick the end your tongue, friend can"t breathe quickly with your mouth. You can shot this if you don"t believe it~