Asa Butterfield to be rumored to be in a connection with actresses such as Ella Purnell, Hailee Steinfeld, and Nina Dobrev. Picture Source: Getty Images.

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Asa Butterfield is a charming English actor who was born top top April 1, 1997, in Islington, London, united Kindom. The is renowned for his function in the movie Ender’s Game.

There was a rumor that he remained in a relationship with actresses such as Ella Purnell, Hailee Steinfeld, and Nina Dobrev. Let’s take it a look in ~ Asa Butterfield’s girl friend list, and additionally let’s find out that is Asa Butterfield right now dating.

Asa Butterfield’s girl friend List

Well, come date, over there hasn’t been any type of confirmations made yet about Asa’s relationship with anyone. However, there were plenty of rumors flying approximately in the previous of him gift in relationships with countless well known female celebrities.

Here are some of the rumored girlfriends of the handsome gibbs Asa Butterfield:

Ella Purnell

There to be a rumor that Asa Butterfield dated renowned actress Ella Purnell. In 2015, Ella and Asa met for the first time in the movie miss out on Peregrine’s Home, wherein both of them had the top role. They used to walk for promotional occasions for their films together. Your allegedly blossoming relationship was checked out in your social media. However, both of lock didn’t speak anything about their partnership in the press.


Asa Butterfield and also Ella Purnell met for the an initial time in the collection of movie miss Peregrine’s Home. Picture Source: Weheartit.

Ella Purnell is currently in a relationship with one actor, musician, and also model, plunder Raco. She was likewise rumored to it is in in a connection with famed actor Tom Holland.

Hailee Steinfeld

In 2013, Asa Butterfield and also Hailee Steinfeld met during their shoot of the movie Ender’s Game. Asa Butterfield played the role of Ender Wiggins, and also Hailee played the duty of Petra Arkanian. That was additionally rumored the Asa and Hailee dated.


Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld met during their shooting of the movie Ender’s Game. Image Source: Pinterest.

They to be seen together every time during their movie promotion, i beg your pardon made world think the they room dating every other. However, both of castle didn’t speak anything around their relationship in public. Hailee was additionally rumored to be dating musician Charlie Puth. She was additionally dating ireland singer Niall Horan.

Nina Dobrev

Asa Butterfield and Nina Dobrev met during their shoot of the movie; Then came You in 2018. They were often seen together on their particular social accounts. Asa was likewise rumored to be in a relationship with Nina. Later, both the them refuse the rumor.


Asa Butterfield and also Nina Dobrev were regularly seen with each other in society media. Photo Source: Pinterest.

Nina Dobrev is at this time dating actor provide Mellon and is enjoy it her connection with him.

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Who Is Asa Butterfield dating Currently?

According to sources, Asa is currently solitary and is concentrating on his acting career. It appears he hasn’t remained in a connection with anyone. That knows he may be hiding his partnership away indigenous media. Asa Butterfield’s network worth is $5 million, which the is enjoying.