Hi, At the height of the brake pedal is the brake light switch. I attached a snapshot to assist locate it. Unplug it and also see if the irradiate goes off. If that does, change the switch. If it remains on, then we have actually a short to power after the switch. Let me recognize what you find.Joe

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Installed new brake irradiate switch. Left brake irradiate still remained on, dim and blinking. The best side brake irradiate was always working okay. So ns wired both brake irradiate to the right side brake light wiring. They occupational fine. Is over there a trouble with wiring them the way?

The only concern is if the power being attracted is too much for the wiring. You have actually basically doubled the fill of the wiring come the one side. I attached a pic the the wiring. Keep in mind there is a left and right send native the integrated power module, IPM. If I had to guess, the pen in the module has corroded or is partially broken and also is shorting to power.Honestly, it isn't miscellaneous I would certainly suggest. Just keep an eye top top things. Because that the first couple of days, make sure nothing ~ above the wiring appears to it is in overheating. Joe

The brake irradiate switch is located at the optimal of the brake pedal. Examine to make certain it is properly changed or if it is bad.Let me understand what you discover or if you have actually other questions.Joe

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On mine 2003 Dodge ram 1500 W/5.7L, brake lights continue to be on when ignition is switched to run without the brakes applied and also my cruise regulate does not work. When the ignition is turned off, the brake lights work-related as castle are an alleged to. The third brake light functions as it is supposed to all the moment no issue the switch position. This will take place for a work or two then whatever will go back to working for a work or two favor it is supposed to climate it will certainly mess up again. I replaced the brake switch reasoning that may fix it and saw no difference. I have the Complete business manual for my truck and noticed there room three circuits in the brake switch and tested the #4 call on the brake switch and found no strength supply on that wire, i have found this is the Speed control Supply/Brake switch No. 2 Signal. It is circuit V32 in the brake switch Pin# 4 V32 20YL/RD SPEED regulate SUPPLY/V32 20YL/RD (5.7L) BRAKE switch NO. 2 SIGNAL . The lights started working again because that a day and I probed the #4 wire and had power, plugged the connector ago into the brake switch and also Boom no power and also brakes came back on with the ignition switch on and the cruise stopped working again. I have jiggled wires around and also don t think I have a quick or open where deserve to I check next to map the problem back? i am thinking this problem is the PCM yet I would choose confirmation. If the is the PCM, does this need to go to the dealership to it is in programmed after install or have the right to I just plug it in and also go?Thanks, Eric