Hi all, I need your help. Ns wonder if fluent in one language is the very same as having great command that the language and likewise if among the state is preferred in UK/US. I have read number of old threads but there appears to be various perceptions on the word fluent. I"m prepare my CV and also I want to speak that i speak, read and also write one language very well even if not a aboriginal speaker. And also due to layout limitations I don"t have so much room to create that. i feel a tad uncertain as I"ve read CVs from civilization who are born in the US but have Spanish heritage and they claim they room "fluent in Spanish" but despite your perfect accent they don"t create or read it appropriately (or in ~ all), their vocabulary is rather limited and their grammar is really far from flawless. My instance is the opposite, my accent is not similar to a native"s but my grammar and also vocabulary also if not perfect, are quite good, both spoken and in writing. I"ll be sending out my CV come both British and American companies, therefore I"d choose to recognize if ns should change the term depending on the company"s nationality.

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Fluent sounds much better than saying you have great command; to me, "fluent" means you speak practically as a native speaker, however having an "excellent command" method you do it well, but not and someone who"s entirely fluent. The sounds choose those other civilization who declared fluency were lying, or at the very least stretching the truth.

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If girlfriend speak a language fluently, it indicates you speak it v ease, smoothly, there is no hesitation. You might still be fluent and speak the language v an accent, return the accent shouldn"t it is in so strong that the human being at time is incomprehensible. A expert person could speak the language with accuracy, return a indigenous speaker could speak his language fluently even with a local accent, yet not have great command that his language, making grammatical mistakes in ~ times. When I hear "excellent command," i think that a person who speak the language through expertise, mastery, and accuracy. This human may also speak the language through an accent and could tho be considered having great command as lengthy as the person doesn"t have actually an accent that renders the language at times incomprehensible.

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I agree through Lizara. "Fluent" suggests a non-native speaker that speaks the language practically as well as a aboriginal (in terms of grammar and also vocabulary - the acccent doesn"t have to be perfect). It"s quite typical for people to exaggeration their capability in a CV.I would say someone had actually "an great command" the the language if they to be a aboriginal speaker particularly talented at speak or writing.

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I agree through the comments above.Fluency in a language implies that you"re able come speak the "with fluidity", i.e. Clearly, correctly and without hesitation. The language pertains to you normally (or, at least, shows up as such to the various other person).