Naruto: 7 Couples That are Perfect with each other (& 7 that Make No Sense) Shippers assemble! several of the romantic pairings in Naruto do perfect sense, while various other couples didn"t seem to work.

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Naruto may be a series that paint, etc in many fans via the activity alone, however not every fan is in for the journey solely due to the punches gift thrown. In fact, just as many, if not an ext fans, are into the collection because that the good characters that are seen farming throughout the series.

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These characters are not only seen growing however are watched forging relationships and sooner or later becoming couples. However, while over there are good couples, others room not so good. This list will it is in looking in ~ both political parties of this relationship spectrum with perfect couples and couples that just make no sense.

Updated august 27th, 2020 by mockery Davison: Like many anime, Naruto is fertile ground because that shipping many thanks to how frequently it pairs turn off characters and also teases at major characters beginning a relationship. This is true throughout Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and also Boruto. With that in mind, we"re taking another dive into the couples that matched or were teased at across the three collection that exist in this continuity to find an ext that to be perfect and also others that made zero sense.

Nagato (aka Pain), Konan, and Yahiko to be a trio that young shinobi indigenous the village Hidden in the Rain the was take away under the wing of Jiraiya and caught up in a deadly problem involving a megalomaniac referred to as Hanzo the Salamander. Yahiko to be a young and upbeat ninja not unlike Naruto himself. He to be far an ext outgoing than Nagato, and also he take it a shine come Konan.

Nagato told Yahiko the Konan feeling the same way, and it"s include (though not outright shown) the Yahiko and also Konan have a short-lived romantic relationship. Konan was more outgoing ago then as well, and the 2 would do a cute couple if us saw much more of it. Unfortunately, Yahiko was eventually killed, and also his human body was provided by Nagato together the Deva course of Pain.

despite the flame the Naruto held for Sakura because that years, they never would have made a particularly great couple. Naruto is much too crass, impulsive, and chaotic because that the contemplative and temperamental Sakura.

That"s no to say the Sakura and Sasuke are much better, however one deserve to imagine the 2 taking quiet time to read books together. Naruto is far too energetic and also action-oriented, and Sakura is open minded a tiny too clever for him.

Obito Uchiha was also quite prefer Naruto Uzumaki in his youth. He to be loud, impulsive, and constantly out come prove himself to everyone. Additionally like Naruto, he had actually a crush on the clinical ninja that his team, Rin. Unfortunately, Rin had a like on the quiet and cool Kakashi Hatake.

That said, Rin is an ext bubbly 보다 Sakura, and Obito is less chaotic than Naruto. The two might have actually made for a cute pair if tragedy hadn"t win the team, at some point leaving Kakashi the just survivor the Team Minato.


The Rin and also Kakashi couple would have resembled Sasuke and Sakura quite a bit. Rin is, as previously stated, quite talkative and bubbly, and Kakashi was quiet, moody, and had deep-seated rage issues.

This coupling would have made about as much sense together Sakura and also Sasuke, and also Kakashi would have actually likely ended it prior to Rin met she untimely demise. The said, Kakashi tho feels a the majority of guilt around what taken place to both Obito and also Rin.

Shikamaru and also Temari is just one of those collection relationships the fans have been wait for forever to finally happen and also the sequel to Naruto, Naruto Shippuden finally gave it to them. Both of this characters compliment each various other perfectly and teases of your romance were sown transparent the original Naruto series and also the sequel.

When Shikamaru ultimately got the courage to ask Temari, out the fireworks ultimately went off and also one that the most loved couples in the entire collection finally ended up being a true thing.


one of the lesser popular couples of the series just so happens to be among the ones that make the least sense as well. Itachi and also Izumi had somewhat the a romance during Itachi"s younger years and also even shared desires with each various other at the time.

The nonsensical component of this relationship comes from the truth that Itachi never really shared his true feelings with poor Izumi. He likewise killed her during his Uchiha massacre also though he offered her the many merciful death of the entire clan because of their relationship.

Naruto and Hinata are conveniently one that the most perfect romances in the entire collection and is increase there with couples prefer Temari and also Shikamaru in terms of teases the the relationship. These 2 were destined because that each other from the start with Hinata being among the just girls to openly have feelings for Naruto even when he to be young and at his worst.

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This perfection blossomed once fans the the collection finally experienced the two become an official pair and also get married at the end of Naruto Shippuden.


Sasuke just so happens to be the king of nonsense relationships in Naruto, with among his very first hangups being v Karin. The nonsense in this relationship mostly comes from Sasuke"s part, as Karin was in reality madly in love v this very edgy ninja. Sadly, Sasuke didn"t return these feelings and also simply used her together a pawn in his hunt because that power.

This relationship is among those in the series that shouldn"t really count as a true couple. Fans witnessed from a mile away that Sasuke was never ever really wanting to be a part of Karin native the start.

in ~ first, the relationship in between Sai and Ino appeared to be one of those that made no sense. However, the collection ended up giving more background and started giving much more details on this romance that was truly expected to be.

The two may not have had actually too much communication at first sight however with closer inspection and a look at the supplemental material, this pairing beginning to get a lot an ext momentum. Sai and Ino perfect compliment every other and cover one another"s weak points, make them one of the finest couples in the series.


if some might disagree top top this, the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke that brought about them becoming a couple absolutely renders no sense. When Sakura did have a huge crush ~ above Sasuke that carried on to your adulthood, there is nearly no factor for she to walk crawling ago to him when they got earlier together again after Naruto Shippuden.

This honestly makes it as if Sakura simply went back to him due to having no other choices instead the it gift a true love"s romance. It renders it even worse the Sasuke is constantly away.

Minato and also Kushina have actually one that the many developed and well-presented romances in the entire Naruto series. During each and also every scene the this couple shares transparent the anime, it feels together if viewers are shown nothing however the ideal pieces of your romance.

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Not to cite the supplemental material that make this couple even stronger, also when contrasted to the of Naruto and also Hinata. Two parts from Kushina"s file in Databook four are, "Her love was caught by Minato that noticed she red hair and rescued she from kidnapping." "The times once she was in addition to Minato at the dinner table, and full of happiness - those were the moment Kushina important loved."


Choji and Karui are among those couples that literally jumped out of nowhere into the laps of Naruto fans everywhere. These 2 literally had no moment throughout the series and randomly were shown to be married with a kid during Boruto.

This made the pair seem favor an afterthought and even earn a spot as among the least well-known romances in the series. Because that a good reason psychic you.

Asuma and Kurena feels like among those couples that have lasted throughout the collection forever. This couple began during the duo"s childhood v readers gaining a peek at how things started between the two throughout their college life as children.

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This pair is one in the series that end in the most tragic way possible with Asuma conference his untimely end. Thankfully it lives on with their child, Mirai.


while Dan and also Tsunade room another couple with a nice sweet story and also a catastrophic end, it simply doesn"t hit any type of buttons. Not just do the 2 not share any kind of meaningful scenes that showcase true chemistry, it feels as if Dan was merely used together a plot device.

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This pipeline the pair being a tragedy because that fans together well and makes it among the nonsense couples of Naruto.