Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Couples That are Perfect with each other (& 5 the Make No Sense) Fullmetal Alchemist has actually action, drama, and additionally a most love. Right here are the anime"s most perfect couples, in addition to a couple of that don"t do sense.

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for an anime about the tragedies of war and people with, essentially, superpowers, Fullmetal Alchemist also has several of the finest couples and also some the the worst loves. Because there space three version of the series, the manga, the 2003 and also 2009 animes, to add a live-action movie, there are a the majority of couples come cover.

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Each couple was chosen because of their impact on the Elrics and also the overall story, and also their believability together a couple. They also have come be largely canon or hinted at together cannon, so fic-ships prefer Roy Mustang and also Ed will not be uncovered in this list.

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if this pairing is debatable since it only makes an appearance in the manga and briefly in the 2003 series, Havoc and also Solaris room the perfect examples of a pair that makes no sense. Havoc is a trusty soldier working side by side v Col. Roy Mustang and is known for being the comedy relief and also country young of the military.

Solaris is not a genuine person, however a character that the Homunculus Lust is showing while make the efforts to get information about Mustang. A fair idea ~ above the homunculi’s part, however luckily havoc is together a love-sick boy that he no divulge a solitary secret, making the pair useless to both sides.

This entry stretches the idea that what a pair is, however Greed and also Ling Yao are one of the best symbiotic relationships that have been watched on screen, possibly even far better than Venom and also Eddie Brock. Through Ling’s just goal gift to uncover a Philosopher’s Stone, that readily welcomed Greed into himself since he wanted the power.

As the two survived and grew together, they ended up being close, through Ling ultimately having to was standing in together Greed’s backbone indigenous time come time. They room not perfect in the traditional sense, yet they have actually one the the strongest partnerships in the whole series.

as soon as Mei Chang to be introduced, she to be madly in love through the assumed of Ed, however upon conference him, she redirected that love to Al. That is currently a bad method to begin a relationship, however that is just the beginning. The 2 share a most connections as they discover from each other over the series, however the pair feels forced rather than realistic.

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This must be prefaced through the reality that the couple isn’t totally canon, together fans only know that Al visited Xing through Mei and also the two room seen in the same photo at the finish of the series. Maybe an ext happened between the pair in Xing, yet since the series doesn"t show it, the doesn’t circulation as well.

7 Perfect: Izumi & Sig

Izumi and Sig are among the many perfect couples in Fullmetal Alchemist due to the fact that they pole together with thick and thin, regardless of going through several an individual tragedies. After acquisition over together a trainer because that the Elric brothers, Izumi was offered a depth the is not frequently seen tackled in anime, let alone tackled well.

Izumi and Sig felt love at an initial sight when he ran right into her as she was delivering a bear. They gained married eventually and also tried to have a child, ultimately losing him during childbirth. The end of grief, Izumi make the efforts to carry him back to life, failing and also ending up incredibly sick because that the remainder of her life. Sig was standing by she every day together her rock, and also that is love done well.

Well, if Lust getting associated with Havoc was wrong, then she getting affiliated with Lujon to be immensely worse, despite Lust no the only bad guy in the situation. Lujon was a talented young medical professional who was involved to Lydia, a young woman who had Fossil Disease. While the two had a fair relationship, it was discarded together Lujon dropped for Lust, even leaving Lydia at the alter.

While Lujon was acquiring his love in another place openly, Lydia chased ~ him, believing their love to be more powerful than the temptation of Lust, which to be incorrect. After Lujon die by Lust’s hands, Lydia end up dying in his arms, making for a sad ending to an currently sad relationship.

5 Perfect: Maes Hughes & Gracia

Quick, surname the perfect husband and also father in anime. Because we all understand it no Boruto’s Dad, the correct answer have the right to only be Maes Hughes. A great investigator, Hughes met an extremely untimely death at the hands of the Homunculi together he was getting closer to learning details truths about them.

Hughes was a man full of pure loving emotion once he talked around his wife and child. The is viewed calling Roy Mustang just to gab around them and how lot he loves them. His death is exceptionally poignant together he died because Envy transformed right into his wife, causing him come hesitate to fight earlier because his love for she was therefore deep.

It has to be proclaimed that Hohenheim to be a complicated man and also his reasons for abandoning his family make feeling looking in from the outside. The is one unaging being that doesn’t desire to see his family members grow without him. However, the knew that going in, also being versus seeing Trisha at first, but her attitude temporarily makes him forget who he is.

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There is a certain level of awareness the Hohenheim has as a functionally immortal man, yet he disregards that to feel much more human, just to turn away native it as soon as more, at some point leading come the death of his wife. Plot-wise, this pair had to happen, yet realistically it shouldn’t have.

3 Perfect: Mustang & Hawkeye

since day among Fullmetal Alchemist, there have actually been two major couples for fans, the first being Mustang and also Hawkeye. Also though your romantic entanglements space purposefully left unspoken, this pair survives together through the many tragic occasions over the food of the series.

Knowing each various other from at an early stage in their lives, they have a solid connection, with Hawkeye gift Mustang’s many trusted companion. They have genuine interactions and express genuine feelings transparent the series that make fans wish because that a love choose theirs, even if it no physically to express through usual relationship staples such together hand-holding.

This couple makes feeling as much as cover stories go, seeing together two-thirds of the Bradley family members are homunculi. As soon as you look at closer in ~ the pair, the becomes important sad because that Mrs. Bradley, a woman who believes the she not only is loved but also has a deep link to her husband and also son.

There is a id that Bradley and Selim did love Mrs. Bradley (that is she actual name), but their protective plot over she can likewise be seen as them make the efforts to keep their covers. In the end, she is a woman who cares because that beings the cannot care for she back.

1 Perfect: Ed & Winry

together if over there was any kind of question about who would be the number one pair in this show. Ed and Winry space childhood girlfriend who prospered into great young adults. They are both kind and also sweet in their very own ways and believe in the great while accepting the bad.

There are couple of more perfect scenes of love in anime than Ed trying come tell Winry his feelings by offering half of self for fifty percent of her, just to it is in told that she desires to give and also take the entirety thing. That is a beautiful moment that had actually been being developed over the years as the collection went on.

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