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Hello come all, I began this video game in 2008 and fell in love with it. Ns was only eight year old and also never interpreted to main quests to level up. Newly came ago and gift 18 and also being a "First Gen" player, I definitely can offer my input with a the majority of things and also I hope KingsIsle looks at this seriously. I"ve constantly loved the game and I mean always but, there is a lot come fix and implement. Being behind every other video game on any platform is hard BUT, you have loyal fans. Fine at least a great bit. As memories to be coming earlier to me, i asked myself one question... As soon as is KingsIsle walk to listen to the community and that keeps update videos on youtube for any type of wiz player?I was analysis a post back in 2017 and the player had the same concern as I. Once was going to die? ns think it"s a difficult topic come talk about because of the nostalgia and also child hood part. Then among the administrators go on come saying the wiz101 has things up their sleeves coming up and also that it"ll be roughly for a lengthy time! save IN MIND, THIS IS no MAKING funny OR putting KINGSILE DOWN. I just need points cleared up. So, after ~ hearing that, i was really excited. My key thing ns think that needs to be added or redone is something very easy. Make all the areas in free. Meaning, make all of the areas like Cyclops, FireCat Ally/Lane Free, consisting of Krokotopia. Currently you guys might think this is crazy and insane but, anyone feels the same method as ns do. Rather of making whatever not free, let brand-new players acquire an suffer for simply a day. Also, i was seeing you tuber"s talk about adding weekend complimentary realms. That would certainly be a great idea to include AND, the would carry a lot much more people back.Also, I"ve talked to a few youtubers and also they agree with whatever I say. You men NEED come bring back ads on TV. Now, I know that will expense a bunch that money yet it"s worth a try and you males can quickly make the money back. The method I obtained into this game was from AD"s top top tv. I usage to it is in so intrigued by exactly how cool it looked. We need A 2nd GEN to UPLIFT THE COMMUNITY! It"s not that us don"t desire to play, it"s the absence of players.Furthermore, I desire to just leave whatever on the table and also get an excellent feedback. I love you guys to death and hopefully as soon as I obtain my wizards max, I want to produce content for brand-new upcoming wizards! ns feel favor this game can be a franchise yet guys, you need to listen come the community. Because that example, ns played one FPS video game as well and also that was my childhood. The Original devices who make the video game sold it come a brand-new weird company. Native a game having over 30 million players to the game shutting down is sad.The video game was dubbed Combat Arms. Correctly the video game is still as much as day but, no one really plays and that"s why I stated it was "shut down" in a way. The things is though, they never ever listened come the neighborhood one bit. It just kept going and also going and also then finally civilization had it. See, you men are method different. You listen to the community sometimes. This sometimes deserve to be changed into all the time! also the graphics need to be updated in every realm and also I recognize this might seem difficult for you males to think about. BUT, once you produce the ads on TV, do Wizards city free as well together krokatopia, girlfriend guys deserve to work on it. The does not need to be one operation at ALL! i think you men think about specific things means to much and then that takes forever to be updated or a new realm. I feel choose if you include everything noted on here, the game would be back to it"s original state!!I have actually my word on whatever I"ve said and also I typical it. You males NEED TO take it THIS INTO consideration FAST. Every one of these gamings coming up and that are currently out hurt. Also, i think you men SHOULD upgrade the max level. That would be phenomenal! correctly this could take time however corporate everything into one and also you guys gained a second gen community! kids would LOVE come play this game.

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Anyways KingsIsle, i love you males to death and I expect you check out over this and also take it into great consideration. Her truly,Michael Wraith.