Lines of the opposite in a parallelogram differ from type to type. In simple words, the parallelogram lines that symmetry refer to the lines which cut the parallelogram into two similar parts. Come recall, a parallel is a square (4-sided figure) wherein the the opposite sides room parallel to every other.

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What are the present of symmetry in Parallelograms?

The currently of symmetry room those currently which division a parallelogram into two halves wherein each half is the mirror image of the other. Different parallelograms have different lines of symmetry and the different number of symmetry lines.

Symmetry currently in Parallelograms
Parallelogram NameNumber of the contrary Lines

There space three varieties of a parallelogram whose variety of symmetry lines are provided in the previously mentioned table. Listed below are the explanations ~ above the currently of the opposite in every of these parallelograms.

Lines of the contrary in a Square

In a square, there are 4 lines of symmetry, each of which divides it into two identical parts. The symmetry present of a square space both that is diagonals and also the present joining the midpoints that its opposite sides (bisectors).


Lines of the opposite in a Rectangle

There room two present of the contrary in a rectangle which cut it right into two equal halves. In a rectangle, the lines of symmetry space those present which join the midpoint the the opposite and parallel lines (i.e. The bisector) the the rectangle.


Lines of the opposite in a Rhombus

In a rhombus, the present of symmetry are its diagonals. So, the variety of symmetry currently in a rhombus are two i.e. That is diagonals which division it right into two similar halves whereby each part is the mirror photo of the other.


It have to be detailed that a number shows the opposite only when the heat of the opposite divides the number in a method that both the halves come to be the mirror photo of each other. So, in a rectangle and also a rhombus, the is seen that the present of symmetry space not the same as that of the square.

In any type of figure, there deserve to be multiple lines of symmetry. Thus, it is crucial to check whether the present of symmetry division the figure not just in equal parts but as mirror pictures also.

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Rotational the opposite in Parallelograms

Rotational the opposite is the symmetry wherein the figure retains its specific appearance after the is rotated about a center point. Various parallelograms have various orders that rotational symmetry i beg your pardon are pointed out below.

Order that Rotational the contrary in Parallelograms
Parallelogram NameOrder the Rotational SymmetryAngle that Rotation
Square490°, 180°, 270° and 360°
Rectangle2180° and 360°
Rhombus2180° and 360°

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