Owls have been in the spotlight recently, native the DC snowy owl to the Colbert Report. They room incredible and elusive creatures. Here are some methods you have the right to experience and also learn about owls first-hand this winter.

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Barn owl photographed in Utah by National Wildlife Photo dispute entrant Jay Warburton.

Go on an owl walk, or “owling.”

Winter is actually a great time to search for owls (as lengthy as it’s not too cold). Many trees space without leaves, which provides it less complicated to view an owl’s silhouette. Dawn and dusk are good times come go, because there is a bit of light and also the owls are much more active (depending on the species and location).


Elaine Turner, a National Wildlife Photo dispute entrant, experienced this good horned owl in ~ sunset in her front yard.

Learn common owl calls.

Even if girlfriend can’t see an owl, chances are you will do it hear them. Try to learn the different calls of phibìc American owls and also match them to the ones girlfriend hear.

Build an owl nesting box.

Welcome owls to your backyard through a colony box. Countless owl varieties need to find a an ideal nesting cavity in stimulate to endure in one area. To make the nesting box safer and more suitable because that owls, consider the complying with (adapted from our owl task guide).

Wood is the finest building material. Avoid using steel as it it s okay too warm when exposed come the sun.Pay distinct attention come the dimension & elevation of the enntrance gate hole, drainage because that the bottom that the box, and ventilation.Place package where over there is no risk of cats or other predators, and also consider a believe guard for extra protection.Don’t disturb the nest while the birds room in it.Clean it out annually, once the birds room no longer occupying the box.Provide a great of nesting material (wood shavings, because that example).Make certain the box is at the very least 10 feet turn off the floor — 15-30 feet is ideal.Attach package to a tree, structure or post.

National Wildlife Photo challenge entrant, Paul Bennett, placed up a screech owl colony box ~ above a jaw tree just external his restroom window. These are a couple of of the visitors.

Visit a neighborhood nature or wildlife rehabilitation center.

Many wildlife rehabilitation centers have actually educational birds the were rescued, yet wouldn’t survive in the wild. Resident educational birds space a fantastic way to experience owls up-close. I met Hazel at the Audubon Wildlife care Center in Portland. I was likewise lucky enough to clock Julio (a female an excellent horned owl) hoot! Nature centers frequently offer guided owl hikes or similar programs, browse few of your neighborhood nature sites to discover more.


Hazel is a northern spotted owl that was found on the ground, starving in Oregon in 2004. She never ever regained the capacity to fly and also now serves as an education bird. Photo by Dani Tinker.

Read a book or clock a movie.

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The snowy owl buzz has actually thrown Hedwig into the spotlight because that Harry Potter fans, but there are other owl personalities to enjoy. Who could forget Owl indigenous Winnie the Pooh? and also the movie Legend the the Guardians: The Owls the Ga’Hoole is a filled v owls. Reap books and movies about owls when it’s cold and you’d rather curl up indoors.