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why aren"t indians likewise classified as "black" ? (rated, affluent)
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Originally posted by slowlane3
Indians have actually straight hair. Africans and also their descendants usually have curly hair, unless they"ve intentionally straightened it.
In my publication ... Anyone darker than me is "black" yet in the U.S. Black method "descendant of Africans" ... Which i am, but since I"m Hispanic somehow that"s an alleged to cancel my african heritage/blood
He has nothing to be proud of. Exterior of the US, other countries" human being just think India is a poor developing country like most of Africa, and also some may mistaken Indians for being black people. Ns am no black yet black men have a much much better chance with white women, and also indian americans room not the tendency of american society, blacks combined well in american culture by life in the country for a few hundreds years earlier than Indian Americans.

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I"m Black, have two master"s degrees and not poor. And also even if ns was poor and also uneducated, does not make the distinction for the whole whole ethnicity. You are being racist because that making the distinction between Indians and also African-Americans together being gaue won and around education. Is that what differentiate us? What the hell..there space plenty of Indian civilization I recognize that room poor and undereducated, and also it doesn"t make any difference on how I look at the Indian culture or people due to the fact that of it. I perform not look under at them due to the fact that of it, due to the fact that that"s morally wrong. You remind me of one of my family members who is African-American, that married one Indian mrs recently...and her family tried come disown her for marrying him...on peak of that, her family members was being dismissive of my household at the wedding, also though his father and sisters were all doctors. Ah, Indian folks acquisition time to be very racist choose yourself is something an ext common the not, huh?