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regardless of having unlimited accessibility to few of the world's finest pastries, French ladies seem to remain slim. WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

This sweeping generalization is false, follow to Eatwell.Even though obesity rates in France are reduced than those in America, this statistics mask regionaldifferences in regards to weight,she said.

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She added that Americans" perceptions of French women areskewed by the locations we visit.

“Foreigners tend to visit areas like Paris — and hang out in the many upscale and fashionable components of the city — and also therefore come back with the impression that all French women are slim,” Eatwell said

However, this is a misleading representation of France as a whole.

"Women in Paris space much more likely to be slim 보다 in the an ar of Nord-Pas-de-Calais," she said.According come the Institut Pasteur de Lille, 20.5% of the populace in Nord-Pas-de-Calais is overweight and also obese, i m sorry is 6% higher than the nationwide average.

They don't diet.


prefer Americans, French women feel an substantial amount of pressure to it is in thin. Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock

"While the is true the French women are much less likely to follow the latest faddish diet regimes 보다 American women, they space constantly aware of the should "pay attention" to their figures, and also to store slim," the authorsaid. "A really common saying among French women is "il faut souffrir pour être belle," which means "you have to suffer to be beautiful.""

This commonly involves followinga balanced diet and also indulging in moderation, follow to Eatwell.

French women space rude.


French ladies aren't rude — they're simply busy. Carsten Medom Madsen/Shutterstock

Eatwell attributes this false stereotype come the Parisianwomen that international travelers meet when they visit the city.

The author compared Parisian ladies to brand-new York City women, together they are both liven city-dwellers who are not representative of a entirety country.

"Out in the provinces, civilization are often charming. However, the impression of rudeness is additionally due come the truth that the French typically are fairly reserved and also aloof," Eatwell said.

Eatwell also referenced psychologistKurt Lewin"stheory that cultures can be divided into "coconuts" and also "peaches."

"The French, in addition to the Russians and Germans, are"coconut" cultures. They are "hard" on the outside. They seldom smile at strangers, carry out not easily engage in conversations, and may look nor friendly or also aggressive first," she said. "However, if you manage to break with their difficult outer shell, they tend to become close faithful friends who will expropriate you together family."

"The USA and also Japan, top top the other hand, are instances of ‘peach’ cultures," she said."Americans and also Japanese room ‘soft’ top top the outside. Lock are really friendly to people they just met. However, when you get past the early friendliness, you check out the real exclusive self is defended by a hard shell that the pit."


"Foreigners who have tendency to visit the most fashionable components of cities prefer Paris come earlier with the impression the all French women are elegant, whereas this is no necessarily the case," Eatwell said.

However, she addedthat the French carry out take style seriously.

"It is true that the French do location a great deal of prominence on women being elegant, well-dressed, and also stylish with specific well-received rules around dress," shesaid. For example, she claimed French women shot to wear 3 colors or less in one outfit.

It just isn't realistic for females to wear high heels every day. Shutterstock/g-stockstudio

Eatwell dismissed this claim with usual sense. "French women will certainly wear footwear suitable to the occasion," shesaid.

They will certainly alsowear loafers v a an ext casual look and heels with a dressier outfit, the author said.Though she claimed thatsneakers are almost entirely the end of the question.

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"Trainers may be worn yet only the very an excellent quality and discreet elegance, not multicolored or loudly branded version — other than for the gym," she said.