Life through lashes deserve to be tough. Maybe you had actually a mishap with an eyelash curler. Or possibly you had actually the not so excellent idea to cut your eyelashes to encourage growth. One of two people way, numerous of us wind increase in the unfortunate position of wondering…”Do eyelashes grow ago if cut?”

Or perhaps you’re a smartypants and doing your research before you i ordered it to the old wives tale that cutting your lashes will make them grow back thicker and an ext luscious.

Whatever the case, let’s unpack the whole worry of cut eyelashes and regrowth.

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Do Eyelashes ever before Need to be Cut?

When it comes to eyelashes, for most of us, the much longer they are, the better. However, sometimes, one who blessing deserve to be an additional person’s curse.

Full, long, naturally curled lashes are beautiful, however not when they interfere in your day-to-day life.

For some people, the lashes fight the brow bone in one uncomfortable way, or they struggle the lens of your glasses every time they blink. That sounds favor a fabulous trouble to have, till you’re challenged with the every day.

In those cases, a trim is allowed, and even necessary, however even so, there room a the majority of things to take right into consideration:

You most likely only require a very, very tiny trim. A pair of millimeters, in ~ best. If girlfriend can, have actually someone else do it, since it will be much much easier if girlfriend don’t need to do it on your very own eyes. Brush her lashes really well before to make sure none of them are tangled and also you cut them all equally.

Will your Eyelashes flourish Back?

Now, let’s pretend friend haven’t cut them top top purpose; mishaps happen every the time: girlfriend accidentally singe them through a lighter or through standing as well close come the stove or fireplace, or you have the dreaded eyelash curler accident when you sneeze and end increase cutting your lashes in half.

Now you look funny and also you’re mildly terrified – what if it’s choose the eyebrows friend overplucked in the 90s and also they never grow back?!

You’ll it is in happy come hear you can let out a sigh that relief: your lashes will prosper back, it simply may take awhile. How long is “awhile”? up to 200 job! Yikes.

But it is if you yanked castle out. Otherwise, you can expect roughly 6 to 8 weeks because that them to complete the eyelash growth cycle, i beg your pardon is tho annoying, but not nearly as bad. The also means that if girlfriend trim lock on purpose, girlfriend will should do maintenance.

Will your Eyelashes Grow ago Thicker and Fuller?

There’s a legend that us all seem come learn about in center school the if you reduced your hair (on your head, on your body, and including her lashes), it will grow back longer, thicker, darker, and also fuller.

A the majority of women may be tempted to cut their lashes in an attempt to encourage this mythical growth.

Unfortunately, us have bad news: there is nothing about cutting hair that renders it grow, and also that includes eyelashes.

The an easy act that cutting any type of hair on your body walk not affect its characteristics or structure in any kind of way, so you re welcome don’t cut your eyelashes in an attempt to obtain them come grow earlier nicer! you will do it be wait a lengthy time to be disappointed.

The great news is that there are other ways to encourage expansion that nothing involve scissors.

What can I perform to assist My Lashes flourish Back?

Okay, so we’ve developed that cutting your lashes (whether ~ above accident or on purpose) is not the finish of the world and also they WILL grow back. However even so, is there anything you deserve to do to speed up the process? Yes, over there is!

Brush them routinely Don’t usage waterproof mascara avoid rubbing her eyes Nourish them on regular basis

What have to I do While ns Wait because that My Lashes To thrive Back?

If girlfriend didn’t precisely intend to shorten your lashes and also now you’re stuck with stubby ones till they come back in, friend don’t must despair.

It’s an stroked nerves wait, however it deserve to be do sweeter by taking advantage of some great temporary solutions…

Lash expansions

The most obvious route is to walk for lash extensions, yet you have to keep in psychic the possibility that lock may impact your herbal lashes further.

False eyelashes


Faux lashes can also be a life-saver in a pinch, but there are some caveats: it have the right to be tricky to use them and also some civilization find them uncomfortable. However, if friend practice, piece lashes or separation, personal, instance lashes are both an excellent options.

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Mascara (preferably a lash cultivation mascara)


Probably the easiest thing is to just make do with a great lengthening and volumizing mascara. Extra point out if you walk for one that’s also a lash farming mascara and will help your lashes grow ago longer and thicker

Unless the was her eyelash curler that betrayed you and chopped your lashes in half, you may want to additionally curl them before coating lock in a mascara the is both lengthening and volumizing.

stay eyeliner

A good tip can be to include some eyeliner come your day-to-day look until your lashes return to their previous glory. Even tight-lining (applying eyeliner come your upper waterline) deserve to make a difference!

While cutting your lashes won’t give them any type of magical nature and assist them grow longer, they will certainly grow earlier eventually, so there is no have to panic.

In the meantime, put some that that growth advice to great use to gain longer, fuller, more luscious lashes!