My family members of 4 (two boys age 11 and also 15)are coming to Philadelphia the finish of July. I would favor to recognize if it would certainly be worth a pilgrimage to Hershey for the day. Mine 11 yr old desires to check out it and also my husband claimed we can rent a car and also go because that the day. I am a large planner and want to understand if its precious it. Us are likewise planning a pilgrimage to NYC for among the days. We will arrive top top Mon and fly the end on Sat. Desire to reap Philly it is what were there for.

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It is worth it if you enjoy amusement parks. If you want to walk somewhere closer there is Dorney Park in Allentown.

Thanks rockinroll, Is it simply an amusement park or deserve to you tour where they do the chocolate? we get sufficient amusement parks whereby we live.

no you can not tour wherein they do the chocolate. However, over there is a ride whereby you can see how coco is made, but it is not the actual chocolate factory. Http://

The Hershey's factory tour ended years ago and was changed with a Disney-like attraction well-known as cacao World. The shows just how cocao is grown, processed shipped and also turned right into chocolate and eventually into all of the Hershey's coco confections. The isn't bad and might probably is a lot an ext entertaining, but it isn't the manufacturing facility tour the many people still remember fondly. Below is a link to help you decide:

If you have never saw the Hershey area, I would certainly say the drive from Philadelphia would be precious the trip. As various other posters have all prepared told you, you can't tourism the actual coco factory and also there is more to Hershey 보다 Hersheypark.

The Hershey Trolley works tour would provide you a an excellent overview that the area and the Hershey Story museum would enable you to experience the history.

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The complying with is a connect for the park and also a list of part other activities you could want to consider.

Hershey attractions ( include:

a. Hershey Park (

b. Hershey Gardens (

c. The Hershey Story (

d. Hershey Trolley works (

e. Chocolate human being (

f. Milton Hershey institution Founder’s hall (