It’s among the many fun and also adventurous cd driver in America! The majestic Rocky mountains to the gorgeous red desert that Utah, you’ll check out a selection of landscapes v plenty the adventure. Steering a Denver to Moab roadway trip have to be on every travel bucket list!

The drive follow me I-70 v Colorado is among the most scenic in the country.

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with every curve, twist and turn that the road you’ll it is in reminded just how majestic these mountains are! In fact, that reminds me of driving the Going-to-the-Sun roadway in Glacier national Park in Montana.

The journey gets more flat as you hit west Colorado. Then as you rotate onto Utah’s scenic highway 128, you’ll be amazed again how diverse the topography the this country truly is!

Denver come Moab drive


As far as whereby to continue to be in Denver, I highly recommend staying downtown to view all the action. Obtain a hotel in the main business district or reduced Downtown (LoDo).

Places to continue to be in Denver:

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2. Idaho Springs


The town just kisses the west next of the significant Rocky mountain National Park! and if you have actually the time, I’d highly introduce a 1-hour road trip from cool Lake to the Alpine Visitor center in the park. It’s for sure stunning!

Otherwise, rent kayaks, canoes or stand-up paddle boards and explore cool Lake. The cutest little downtown will welcome you with complete smiles, an excellent eats and also a an excellent ice cream at Polly’s Sweet Shop.

Places to stay in cool Lake:

4. Dillon

Best tasks and attractions in Dillon:Take the short hike come Sapphire point Overlook capture a concert the Dillon AmphitheaterPick increase a snack for the journey at the Dillon’s farmers Market

Want to spend more time here? examine out this write-up for a complete guide and also list of points to perform in Dillon.

Places to remain in Dillon:

Denver to Moab road trip

Pretty amazing sights, right? Colorado has actually so much to market – and also truth is, most of this Denver to Moab driving pilgrimage takes ar in this like the mountain state. For this reason let’s keep going, shall we?

5. OPTIONAL: Breckenridge


Recommended time: 1 hour – 1 day

A stop in Breckenridge is optional because it’s around 20 minute the end of the way, yet still very close to I-70. If you’re traveling with a family, you absolutely should stop in Breckenridge!

With great skiing in the winter and cute downtown in the summer, Breckenridge supplies something because that every kind of traveler. yet it renders the list since one of the largest man-made art installations in the state that Colorado is in Breckenridge – Isak Heartstone, the Troll!

Visiting the Breckridge Troll is totally free and easy, and a fun protect against on your way from Denver to Moab.

Other Breckenridge tasks include the Epic discovery Adventure Park (including one alpine slide and also roller coaster), purchase in downtown, cost-free gondola rides, do the efforts a local brewery and also if traveling with kids, panning because that gold.

Places to continue to be in Breckenridge:

6. Vail


Recommended time: 1 hour – 1 day

If friend love the snow, you’ve heard Vail is a terrific ski town. Yet it’s an in similar way spectacular throughout the summer! From amazing hikes to luxurious spas, Epic exploration Adventure Park (yes, there’s one in Vail, too!) and the amazing Vail Village, girlfriend won’t gain bored in Vail!

Top points to do in Vail:Game Creek Aerial Adventure Zipline CourseBetty Ford Alpine GardensScenic gondola rideWhite water rafting in ~ Browns Canyon

This is a great spot to invest the night if you’re to plan to do this Denver come Moab, Utah trip a long one.

Places to remain in Vail:

7. Hanging Lake

Places to continue to be in Glenwood Springs:

9. Rifle falls State Park

Recommended time: 1-4 hours

This gem in Colorado looks so beautiful! It’s Colorado’s just triple waterfall and also is 80 feet tall. Permit me say the again.. It’s a triple waterfall!

(I don’t have actually a picture of Rifle Falls due to the fact that sadly ns missed it during my last pilgrimage from Denver come Moab, however it’s on my perform for next time!)

Located about 20 minutes phibìc of the town of Rifle along I-70, this avoid will most likely be one of the less crowded stop you make. through other popular tourist attractions in the area prefer Hanging Lake and Glenwood Springs, that seems choose Rifle drops State Park is overlooked.

If you’re up for stretching your legs, shot hiking the Rifle drops Coyote Trail. It’s simply over 1/2 mile and also is rated as simple on AllTrails.

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10. Grand Junction

Denver to Moab roadway trip: protect against in cool Junction

Recommended time: 1 hour – 1 day

One that the western many cities in Colorado, cool Junction looks little on the interstate as you pass through it, but actually there’s a ton to do!

Grand junction is home to the cutest downtown filled through shops and also restaurants. v year-round events, you may even be happen through throughout an out street concert, event or festival. Inspect the downtown grand Junction schedule here.

Another funny attraction, and perhaps one if you’re plan to continue to be overnight in cool Junction, is to visit among the neighborhood wineries!

Two Rivers Winery: 2087 Broadway, cool Junction, CO 81507Stoney Mesa Winery: 221 31 3/10 Rd, grand Junction, CO 81503

Beyond downtown and wineries, there’s also more…

Things to perform in grand Junction:Grand Junction motor SpeedwayEureka! McConnell scientific research MuseumWestern Colorado botanical GardensLincoln Park and also playground

Pro tip: when in grand Junction, make sure to obtain gas if proceeding straight onto Moab!

Places to remain in grand Junction:

11: OPTIONAL: Land’s End, grand Mesa, Colorado

Lookout indigenous Lands End, grand Mesa, Colorado

Recommended time: 1/2 day to 1 day

There’s a many really cool views in Colorado. However this is perhaps one that the many underrated and impressive clues in every one of Colorado!

This is a identify jaunt indigenous I-70 though, at around an hour and also 10 minutes from cool Junction. However if you’ve got the time, it’s totally worth it!

The grand Mesa in Colorado is the biggest flattop mountain in all of Colorado…and the world! plus it’s still yes, really high in key at end 10,000 feet, do it also more…grand.