I understand that the label Nintendo Selects / Player’s Choice is used to games that have sold more than one million copies and are marketed for less, but do they ever before have content distinctions such as an ext or under levels or characters, different graphics/sprites, bug-fixes, etc.?



As much as contents is concerned, no. You"re getting the same game that the previous buyers got, it"s simply a various box.

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While there may sometimes be bugfixes, there does not have to be. Any kind of bugfixes introduced in the Nintendo Selects version are necessarily minor, and also would not affect normal gameplay. This is have to the case because there is no patching system for the currently released copies; if over there are significant bugs which severly impact the gameplay (such together the freezing pest in PAL copies of Super document Mario), the only means to solve them is by instead of the disc or cartridge.

Additionally, any pest fixes space not make specifically for the Nintendo Selects version, and also may have already been released in ahead pressings. Even if it is or no the two coincide is a question of once they switched the grasp copy; the may occur at the exact same time as pressing additional copies because that the Nintendo Selects version, or it may not.

TL;DR: There space no remarkable differences.

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Besides the box, I believe I"ve watched the sticker art looking different (including a Players" pick badge). Because that instance, This forum short article shows some pictures of many versions.

There deserve to be distinctions in releases also when you"re not handling the "Player"s Select" marketing-based cosmetic update.

For instance, in The Legend the Zelda for the NES, Nintendo made part improvement(s) to aid reduce the opportunities of saved aramuseum.orgs being deleted. Together with that, they altered the message about needing to organize down the RESET button. (Actually, together I know it, the very earliest cartridges didn"t also have together a message. Climate they included it. Then they eliminated it.)

Other transforms can also exist. For instance, making use of the very same game, see: The cutting Room Floor: The Legend that Zelda. That website has details about different sport of numerous games.

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All in all, such alters do tend to be really minor, together as bug fixes. Girlfriend don"t have tendency to get various bosses, extr dungeons, etc. The couple of cases (that i can quickly think of turn off the optimal of mine head), Nintendo provides that abundantly clean in the marketing. In fact, they readjust the game"s title. "Mike Tyson"s punch Out!!" became "Punch Out!!", and "The Legend that Zelda: Link"s Awakening" came to be "The Legend the Zelda: Link"s Awakening DX".