i don"t have accessibility to the publications right now, however I believe in the publications Gandalf didn"t know in the beginning that Bilbo"s ring to be the one ring, therefore he walk not automatically ask the to ruin it.

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But in the movie, after Bilbo walk his noodles act in his date of birth party, Gandalf meets that in his house, and also when Bilbo call the ring his Precious, Gandals claims that the ring has actually been dubbed this before, however by who else, indicating that knew then the it was the ring.

However, after about 30 much more minutes (during i m sorry time, ns think many years happen in the movie), they display it as if Gandalf confirmed it to be the one ring just after he pulled it the end of the fireplace.

So when specifically did Gandalf establish it was Sauron"s ring?

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Gandalf go not understand then the it to be the One Ring. He just suspected it. He realised Smeagol had dubbed it the in the past and also understood then there was an even deeper magical strength behind this than he realised. He suspected it could be the One Ring, but he necessary proof and to understand for sure.

If friend remember, the left the Shire immediately to learn more information. Whilst in the movie this departure is a relatively short one, in the books Gandalf is gone for 17 years, trying to find answers.

You may remember in the aramuseum.org he finds an account the Isildur, buried deep within a library (at Minas Tirith, in Gondor). It says as this script shows:

It has concerned me...the ring that power! it shall it is in an heirloom of mine Kingdom...all those that follow in my bloodline shall be bound come its fate, for ns will risk no hurt to the ring...it is precious to me, though i buy it with great pain...

The marking upon the band begin to fade...the composing which at first was as clear together red flame, has all but disappeared...a secret now that only fire have the right to tell...

Gandalf rushes back to Frodo and also has him cast the ring in the fire, as a last test. At an initial it appears the instance may not be as feared, as the ring remains plain. Together Frodo start to an alert the Elvish lettering though, Gandalf"s fears are confirmed:

Frodo: It"s some type of Elvish...I can"t review it.

Gandalf: there are couple of who can...the language is that of Mordor, which I will certainly not utter here.

Frodo: Mordor?

Gandalf: In the common tongue the says, "One ring to dominion them all, One ring to find them, One ring to lug them all, and also in the darkness bind them."

It to be at that moment that Gandalf knew.

It"s also worth mentioning that Gandalf"s suspicions to be low before this event, together Saruman had led him and all the wizards to believe the ring had actually been shed (from Tolkien Gateway):

In T.A. 2953, the way gathered once more to debate around the rings of Power. Saruman quieted the board of directors claiming to have actually the knowledge that the One Ring was shed forever in the Belegaer.

As Saruman was at the moment a wise and trusted leader, no one of the wizards prefer Gandalf had actually reason come doubt him. To give some paper definition to the time, Bilbo"s date of birth at the begin of the Fellowship that the Ring was in 3001 (48 years later).

Furthermore, come delve right into the lore that the books a little more, Gandalf started trying to find Gollum when he left the Shire in 3001 (with the assist of Aragorn). He went back to visit Frodo in 4 year intervals till 3008. That didn"t return again until 3018.

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Some time in between 3009 and 3017 Gollum is caught by Sauron and also tortured. The is eventually released in 3017 and is recorded by Aragorn in the Dead Marshes. In the same year, Gandalf reads Isildur"s scroll.