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PV/Sick Murderer

A dream of being a famed pop star turns right into a blood wet nightmare because that Soichi as he becomes Krauser, the command singer the a fatality metal band.

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E1 | PV/Sick Murderer

A dream of being a well known pop star turns into a blood wet nightmare for Soichi together he i do not care Krauser, the lead singer that a fatality metal band.


E2 | real Legend/Satan

An outing v Yuri and her friends bring away a metal kind of turn as a drunk Soichi becomes Krauser during karaoke.


E3 | Pig/Drugs

Yuri is tasked by her magazine to perform an reveal on DMC and it… doesn"t go well. Ms. President visits Soichi to teach him exactly how to live the DMC lifestyle.

E4 | Frustration/Good Song

Soichi is provided the alternative to execute as self in a posh shop, yet it doesn"t go as planned. Later, he has actually an… encounter through a former classmate and also their band.

E5 | Masochist/Family

The Capitalist Pig might just be in love, and Soichi wants to aid him! Krauser has other plans. Later, Soichi it s okay a surprise when he visits his household in Oita.

E6 | Punk.1/Punk.2

A guy-hating, girl-only punk tape starts a feud through DMC, even going for this reason far regarding call lock outin a song! once a an obstacle is issued, will DMC go under in flames, or history?

E7 | Tower/Confession

A misunderstood parting line leads DMC fans to conference at Tokyo Tower. Yuri go out with Mr. Asato, and also Soichi spies on lock with disastrous results.

E8 | Promise/Alternation

It"s time to document DMC"s very first album, yet Soichi isn"t sure just how he"ll carry out offstage. Later, Soichi is torn together DMC"s first promo occasion falls top top Yuri"s birthday.

E9 | Cinema.1/Cinema.2

Ms. Chairman agrees come let Krauser be in a movie. In ~ the movie premiere, the actors find out the the director adjusted the ending!

E10 | Fake/Detroit Moe City

After Soichi quits DMC, Ms. Chairman arranges a fake Krauser to take Soichi"s place! Meanwhile, a young girl dressed together a DMC member is revered by fans together "Little Krauser".

E11 | i know well Hop.1/Hip Hop.2

A childhood girlfriend of Soichi"s turns out to be rapper Kiva, who has actually a beef v DMC. Krauser crashes a Kiva concert and tries to repeat his old friend of the past.

E12 | Emperor.1/Emperor.2

Metal legend Jack II Dark is walking on his taking leave tour, and DMC is his Japan target. At the concert, Krauser descends indigenous the rafters to dethrone Jack together the brand-new metal god.

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