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most popularMnemonics for the order of the planets orbiting the Sun445.9k see | under Astronomy, order of planetsDomain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species375.6k see | under TaxonomyThe first 20 facets of the routine table243.2k views | under routine tablePrefixes of the Metric System171.6k see | under MetricROY G. BIV53.6k see | under Spectrum, WeatherMnemonic devices for the regular Table51.2k views | under periodic tableOn Old Olympus’ Towering peak A Fin, A German, viewed A Hop50.2k see | under Cranial nervesWind Directions: North, East, South, West41k see | under Geography, Navigation, ScoutingPhases the Mitosis40.9k views | under MitosisMay I have a huge container that coffee?38.4k see | under Pi
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Mnemonic maker (for taxonomy order):
King Phillip came Over From an excellent SpainAlternative Mnemonics:Determined, Kind human being Can regularly Follow Ghostly ScreamsDid King Phillip Cry the end “For kindness Sakes!”?Didn’t understand Popeyes Chicken Offered complimentary Gizzard StripsDo Kangaroos like (the) Cake Or (the) Frosting, normally Speaking?Do emperors Play Chess Of family members Game Seriously?Do kings Play Chess ~ above Fridays, typically Speaking?Do Koalas Prefer cacao Or Fruit, generally Speaking?Donkey Kong theatre Chess external For G-SusDrunken Kangaroos Punch children On household Game ShowsDr. King preached Courageously top top Freakin’ gigantic SnakesDumb youngsters Paint cracked On Freeway get StonedDumb youngsters Playing Cards on Freeway get SmashedDumb King Phillip can nOt uncover Green SocksDumb King Philip Cried over Failing class SixMore variations:
Kangaroos play Cellos, Orangutans Fiddle, Gorillas SingKeep placing Cake order For great StudentsKeep payment Casey off For pistol SalesKids playing Chicken on Freeways gain SmashedKeep Pot Clean Or family members Get SickKeep Pots Clean or family members Gets SickKeeping precious Creatures arranged For grumpy ScientistsKendall Popped canned Oranges for Greek SoupKevin’s bad Cow just Feels an excellent SometimesKid Plays map On flat Gray StepsKids favor Cheese end Fried green SpinachKilling Pets causes Oppression because that Grieving SimpletonsKindly Professors Can frequently Fail good StudentsKing Paul came Over For green SaladKing Paul Cried the end for good SoupKing Penguins Climbed Over family members Genus SpeciesKing Philip called One Faithful German ServantKing Philip came Over for Ginger Snaps!!King Philip come Over For an excellent SpaghettiKing Philip come Over for Grape SodaKing Philip came Over From an excellent SpainKing Philip can Order Five an excellent SoupsKing Phillip come Over For an excellent SoupKing Philip could Order Five great SheepKing Philip couldn’t Order Five great SandwichesKing Phillip came Over For great SoupKing Phillip came Over For great SpaghettiKing Phillip came Over For good SpaghettiKing Phillip came Over indigenous Germany search RichesKing Philip came Over From great SpainKing Phillip came Over indigenous Gulf ShoresKing Phillip recorded Ordinary Flu walking SouthKing Phillip Cried out For good SoupKing Phillip Crossed over France walk SouthKing Phyla C bespeak His household To obtain Some SpeciesKing Phylum course Ordered the family Genius come Shut-upKingfish, Pickerel, Catfish Over-Flowed god’s SeasKings beat Cards ~ above Fat eco-friendly StoolsKings beat Cards top top Fuzzy green StoolsKings beat Chess ~ above Fat Girls’ StomachsKings play Chess On fine Glass SurfacesKings beat Chess on Fine yellow SetsKings play Chess on Fine serial SandKings pat Chess ~ above Fine environment-friendly SilkKings play Chess on Finely-Grained SandKings beat Chess ~ above Friday, usually SpeakingKings Poorly concentrate On Food, normally SpeakingKings Prefer cacao Over Fudge, typically SpeakingKP come On Friday, go SlowKrabby Patties chef On fry Grills, SpongeBobIn the ‘kingdom’ lived prince ‘phylum’ who checked out ‘class’ to make his ‘family’ proud that his ‘genus"(genius) ‘species’Explanation: Mnemonic tools to mental KPCOFGS taxonomy (the suitable ordering that the organic groupings/categories)Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, SpeciesTaxonomy for humans would be:Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primate, Hominidae, HomosapiensAll Cool guys Prefer having Heavy SideburnsAnyone deserve to Make Pretty healthy and balanced HotStew

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Taxonomy for HumansPaul Clark our Friendly Grief SpreaderZombies are Brown and also DirtyBiology world Find tree Attractive.Five great of EchinodermsAnnihilate Plants and Fungi that Make Bacteria PoisonousA mysterious Cat Talked, opened Organic OrangesClasses and also sub-classes that Phylum Mollusca