This tv Episode dram Spanish Flea perform by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana BrassThis music is played during a divorse advertising on the radio while Homer and also Marge are going to buy a brand-new motor because that the refrigerator.

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Homer and Marge go the end on your anniversary dinner, yet are compelled to take the kids. They finish up having actually an unromantic dinner, and lose attention in being intimate later that night. Later, the two have to go acquisition a brand-new refrigerator motor, yet during a rainstorm, their car gets stuck in the mud, so the two rush into a barn. Once the farm owner nearly discovers them, the two come to be excited and also have sex. Once they return home, they decision to invest a weekend in ~ a bed and breakfast, but when they room there, they discover themselves romantically uninspired once again, till a maid discovers castle on a bed. They then realize the the are afraid of getting captured makes lock excited. Later, they decision to walk to a miniature golf food to have sex in the windmill there, as with they did once they to be younger. The civilization there quickly realize there is something inside the windmill, and the two barely control to escape unseen. However, the human being see their underwear, and also realize someone to be there. To obtain home, the nude couple steals a warm air balloon, however they coincidentally wind increase landing on a football field full of people. Homer and Marge travel back home, and also are in the newspaper the following day.


This tv Episode plays Spanish Flea carry out by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana BrassThis song plays while Homer waits for the automobile to get fixed.

This tv Episode dram Spanish Flea carry out by Herb Alpert and also the Tijuana BrassThis track is played while Lisa and also Martin design the new school uniforms.
Homer assembles a bowling team consisting of Apu, Moe and also Otto for this reason he have the right to play on league nights. He it s okay the team funding from Mr. Burns during one of his ether-induced hallucinations. The team does well till Mr. Burns discovers that he paid for them and also decides to join the team. The team starts losing games yet still manage to make it come the organization championship where they manage to win. The team is overjoyed yet Mr. Burns has a adjust of heart and also takes the trophy for himself. Meanwhile, the student of Springfield Elementary institution are forced to undertake uniforms after Bart concerns school attract a T-shirt v a shocking post on it.
This television Episode plays Spanish Flea perform by Herb Alpert and also the Tijuana BrassHomer sings follow me to this tune while sit in the automobile before the concert.
Otto crashes the institution bus, and is later discovered that he never actually owned a actual driver"s license, prompting authorities come fire him. Rose oil then moves in v the Simpsons ~ he has been evicted, and also attempts come teach Bart to learn to pat the guitar, though through difficulty. However it"s the method he enrages Homer that might provide an inadvertent return ticket come his lover bus-driving job.

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The King that Queens:Season: 2 / Episode: 5 pipe StakesDate: October 18, 1999
This television Episode plays Spanish Flea carry out by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Carrie accidentally pipeline the garage door open up one night and Doug’s many prized posession - his huge screen TV - is stolen. Doug provides a big deal about her lack of responsibility, for this reason Carrie, feeling terrible, goes out and also buys that a replacement. The next day Doug is in the office upstairs, and also accidentally breaks Carrie"s brand-new computer. Nervous about how Carrie will certainly react, after he offered her together grief about the TV, Doug persuades Arthur to take it the blame.