Discus and also support Dark souls 2 native Xbox 360 on Xbox One in XBoX Games and also Apps to fix the problem; Why my console show me the massage the can"t run this game in backward compatibility?Dark souls 1 is work. Why dark souls 2 don"t work?...Discussion in "XBoX Games and also Apps" began by Sambrano, Dec 4, 2020.

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Why my console display me the massage the can't operation this game in behind compatibility?Dark souls 1 is work. Why dark souls 2 don't work? :)

Hi,Because Dark Souls 2 has actually not been made backwards compatible. Making a 360 video game BC with the Xbox One is tough work and MS need approval native the developer/publisher. Over there is a remastered version of Dark Souls II for Xbox One.

follow to the store page, the preorder bonus is accessible to play instantly on Xbox 360 and also will it is in playable ~ above Xbox One when it goes live at a later on date."You can likewise digitally pre-order DARK SOULS III indigenous the Xbox Store and receive a free digital copy the DARK SOULS as well. The code for DARK SOULS will be delivered to their Xbox message center in 7-10 days through DARK SOULS prepared to beat on Xbox 360 immediately and also on Xbox One as soon as the title becomes obtainable via backward compatibility in the future. "http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/dark-souls-3

It has enough battery life to run till Dark Souls 2 comes out, after that its goodbye to the 360 era because that me.Is Dark Souls 2 coming to the following gen consoles? There are hundreds of gamings I never ever got roughly to play on the 360. It has actually a the majority of life in it. Dark Souls 2 has only been shown for Xbox 360, PS3 and also PC for this reason far.
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