I\"ve heard both ways, The Dark Bow is better for training with steel arrows and also up, that the Cbow access time harder/is an ext accurate, etc.

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Post which you prefer, why, what ammo would you use for training/Monster hunting, and if neither, climate what?


Please it is in very specific and detailed.


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The dark bow is supplied for its distinct to KO people when you room pking. The special always hits and also it hits high. Various other then that, over there isn\"t lot reason to use it. Training through it would be prefer training through a 2h.

Cbows fight hard and let you usage a shield but are additionally pretty slow. Castle are great when you room fighting dragons reason you deserve to have the security from the fire breath.


You have to listen come SatansFate and stick v a shortbow so you have the right to actually acquire experience.

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Posted in march 6, 2010

Dark bow is a an extremely niche maintain item, only valuable for must-range high armor things like black demons and kalphite guardians, and only at mid-high selection lvls. For once you need the supervisor accuracy the the dark bow to punch through hefty armour on things that are generally resistant to range. Not on metallic dragons obviously or noþeles else the shoots back. And when girlfriend get higher lvls that you dont require the uber accuracy and can murder black color demons easy, then the rune crossbow is much better and the dbow becomes pretty useless as a training weapon.


Rune crossbow for.. Quite much everything else. Broadbolts are most likely the ideal ammo in the video game in state of price VS usefulness and accuracy and damage. Emerald(e) for distinct things choose metallic drags wherein you cant death em rapid so need to have actually poison hits helping girlfriend out, Ruby(e) because that high hp and also high armour men ( quest bosses, gwd bosses, mith drags, kbd, kq, corp beast and also the favor ) through Diamond(e) as a finisher as soon as their hp is down sufficient to make the blood drain spec much less effective.


Even the bone/dorgeshaun crossbow + bone bolts ( cheapest selection ammo you will uncover anywhere but still very great ) is a far better choice combo than MSB + mithril arrows or weaker, let alone Zaniks cbow i beg your pardon is even an ext powerful and also accurate, therefore the MSB is almost obsolete as soon as you can use it in my opinion.

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Knives/darts are great on points with lowish selection defense only reason their accuracy is poor.. For this reason not bad if girlfriend are getting bloodvelds because that slayer or anything else that is a big defenseless meat bag you deserve to stick through sharp pointy things and not miss out on often.