Danish is a North german language spoken by Danes, the human being of Denmark. Favor Norwegian words and Swedish words, Danish words are peculiar to their culture meaning friend won’t find them in English. Here’s a round-up the the beautiful Danish indigenous that have no translation.

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Beautiful Danish Words

Here are some of the cool native in Danish that you can shot out in conversation and impress world :)

Let’s begin with exactly how to say hello in Danish!

Hej (n.)

Pronunciation: hi

Meaning: Hi, Hello

Hej is the most typically used casual greeting in Danish. You have the right to use the in any type of situation and with anyone native strangers come friends. Hej Hej means goodbye in Danish.


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Pronunciation: speciallæge-praksisplanlægnings-stabiliseringsperiodeMeaning: Literally converts to a duration of stability the planning of a professional doctor’s practice

Made increase of 51 letters, it’s the longest word in Danish!


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Hygge (n.)

Pronunciation: hue-gahMeaning: An setting of warmth, wellbeing, and coziness as soon as you feel at peace and able to enjoy straightforward pleasures and being in the moment.

Scandinavian nations enjoy the an easy pleasures in life. Castle all have actually a word to define the simple joys. Danish have actually hygge, Swedish have mys, Norwegians have actually kos, and also Finnish have actually kalsarikannit :)

Hygge profit so much popularity throughout the globe that this Danish word is included to the Oxford English dictionary (OED) in 2017.


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Forelsket (adj.)

Pronunciation: for-el-skit

Meaning: Being madly in love – one ineffable euphoria experienced when one’s enamored v someone.

Norwegians too use words forelsket to define the similar feeling.


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Bagstiv (adj.)

Pronunciation: bag-stiv

Meaning: Waking up still drunk indigenous the night before, Hungover


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Hils (n.)

Pronunciation: hils

Meaning: When to dance tell someone to offer regards or say hello come the 3rd person, they just say hils. E.g. I’ll be conference Amanda today. Okay, hils.

Short and also sweet. Isn’t it?

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Arbejdsglæde (n.)

Pronunciation: ahh-bites-gle-the

Meaning: Happiness in ~ work, job satisfaction, job-related pleasure

You are incredibly lucky if you have a task that makes you happy :) Arbejdsglæde is super vital as it leader to success.

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Sympatisk (adj.)

Pronunciation: sym-pat-isk

Meaning: Likeable, Friendly, Nice, Trust-worthy

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Uoverskuelig (adj.)

Pronunciation: over·skuelig

Meaning: When to dance don’t know where to begin or space unable to attend to the task at hand, they usage this word.

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Træls (adj.)

Pronunciation: trels

Meaning: Annoying,Grueling,Tiresome, Disappointing, Nuisance, Inconvenient

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Overmorgen (n.)

Pronunciation: aw-mawgen

Meaning: the job after tomorrow

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Forgårs (n.)

Pronunciation: faw-gaws

Meaning: the day before yesterday

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Tanketorsk (n.)

Pronunciation: tan-ke-to-sg

Meaning: Literally equates to thought cod. Offered to explain a thoughtless activity or gaffe or a statement made without considering the consequences.

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Velbekomme (interj.)

Pronunciation: velbe-komme

Meaning: Telling who to gain their meal. What bon appetit is to French, velbekomme is to Danes.

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Orke (v.)

Pronunciation: ok

Meaning: It way that friend can’t it is in bothered to carry out something or that you don’t have the strength or energy for it.

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Jo (n.)

Pronunciation: yo

Meaning: Literally means yes yet is only provided in solution to a an unfavorable question or statement. e.g. Did friend not complete your homework yesterday? Jo, ns finished it before going come the bed.

Do you have anyfascinating and also beautiful Danish wordsthat you’d favor us to add to this perform ofunique words indigenous the Danish language?

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