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Summer is here and love is in the air! however are friend going to be able to go ~ above that day with that one-of-a-kind someone… who only speaks Vietnamese?!

Step increase your game with our top 10 Vietnamese words and phrases because that going top top a date! and also don’t forget to sign up because that a totally free (Yes, it’s a cost-free account) lifetime account at aramuseum.org to additional your skills even more!


1. Ns love you.

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Tôi yêu bạn.

2. You’re so beautiful.Em đẹp quá.

3. Girlfriendbạn gái

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4. Rosehoa hồng

5. I think of friend as more than a friend.Tôi coi bạn hơn một người bạn.


6. Loveyêu

7. I’ve got a to like on you.Tôi có cảm tình với bạn.

8. Boyfriendbạn trai

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9. Romancesự lãng mạn

10. We were supposed to be together.

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Chúng ta sinh ra là để dành cho nhau.

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