~6 weeks to 1 Year

Our infant routine emphasizes a nurturing environment, introducing babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language acquisition, human body awareness, and motor control.

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Babies find the civilization in a unique way. At Crème de la Crème, our child play areas are design to provide our smaller sized students the safe, nurturing setting they should stretch their body and mind for future learning. Continually supervised by a team that professionals, our rooms room meticulously clean and also soft enough for the many discriminating little hands and feet.

Parent Connectivity app Diaper readjust notifications Nap time Eating times and amounts breakthrough milestones Team Member communication Photos
Curriculum Baby sign language Social and also emotional interaction Language acquisition human body awareness motor control
All-Inclusive Diapers, wipes, and diaper cream Crib sheets and also all various other linens (wash cloths, bibs, sleep sacks) Meals for youngsters on table food Milk for children over the age of 1 *Amenities differ by location

Our infant classrooms room a shoe-free environment. Us wash our crib sheets daily and also use a 3-step sanitizing process on transforming tables and throughout the classroom. We additionally have one on-site clean crew which enables our teachers to emphasis on the children.

All aspects of our program and curriculum are included with tuition. We also include diapers, wipes, diaper creams, crib sheets, and other linens (wash cloths, bibs, and also sleep sacks), every meals for youngsters on table food, and milk for youngsters over the age of 1 year old. *Amenities vary by location

We usage a parent connectivity application to save you notified throughout the day. We write-up information about diaper changes, nap times, eating times/amounts, and also photos.

At Crème de la Crème, we room a tree-nut and peanut cost-free school. We take allergies an extremely seriously and keep allergy lists in every classroom.

If you’ve already toured and are all set to enroll, call your college today! can not use toured yet? Schedule a tour today and also experience The Crème Difference.

Our training communication starts through our brand-new employee orientation whereby our director of Curriculum evaluate all facets of ours programs. In addition to our annual in-service maintain day, Team Members take part in “Lunch and Learns,” employee meetings, and also are noted with curriculum manuals with built-in professional development. In addition, every Team Member is given a subscription come Child treatment Education Institute, i m sorry is an online accredited platform. Crème de la Crème’s education and learning department likewise hosts webinars and also in human led trainings throughout the year.


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The moment you walk through the former door, your watch on childcare will adjust forever. Within minutes of speaking through our team, you’ll understand you’re in the best place. After ~ the an initial day, you’ll begin to check out your child’s love for finding out grow, climate blossom.

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Helping households raise amazing children is what us do. Call today because that a tour and you"ll quickly see why families throughout America trust united state as your preschool of choice.

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