ICD-10-CM Documentation 2021 (Essential Chartin Guidance come Support medical Necessity) 1st Edition Set)
A muscle biopsy is a procedure supplied to diagnose diseases involving muscle tissue. The provider will remove tissue and also cells indigenous a specific muscle and view them microscopically. Her provider will only should remove a tiny piece of organization from the designated muscle. The muscle can be superficial (Situated nearer the surface ar of the body) or deep(situated far beneath the surface). In medical coding, we have actually separate password for superficial and deep muscle biopsy. CPT password 20200 is offered for superficial muscle biopsy & password 20205 is provided for coding deep muscle biopsy.

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Before also we have discussed around breast biopsy, lung biopsy, thyroid biopsy, axillary lymph node biopsy. Here, also the CPT code 76942, 77002, 77012, 77021 should be supplied as imaging guidance with muscle biopsy.

Details of CPT code 20200 & 20205

An incisional biopsy is performed on superficial (CPT password 20200) or deep (CPT code 20205) muscle tissue. This procedure is generally done come diagnose diseases involving muscle tissue, such together muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Friedreich’s ataxia, and also trichinosis or toxoplasmosis helminth infections that the muscles. The planned biopsy site is very first cleansed and then an incision is make in the muscle and also a organization sample is obtained. The tissue sample is then sent out for separately reportable pathology examination.

Report CPT password 20200 for muscle biopsy entailing a superficial scratch or 20205 if a depths incision through tissue dissection need to be make to accessibility the site.

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Do not get confused core biopsy with Fine needle aspiration. 

Aslo, fine needle aspiration (FNA) (CPT password 10021, 10022) must not be report with one more biopsy procedure code for the same lesion uneven one specimen is inadequate for diagnosis. For example, a FNA specimen is commonly examined for adequacy once the specimen is aspirated. If the specimen is adequate for diagnosis, the is not crucial to obtain second biopsy specimen. However, if the specimen is no adequate and another kind of biopsy (e.g., needle, open) is ultimately performed at the very same patient encounter, the various other biopsy procedure code may likewise be reported through an NCCI-associated modifier

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Modifiers offered with CPT password 20200 & 20205
51 When lot of procedures, various other than E/M services, physical medicine and also rehabilitation services, or supplication of supplies (eg, vaccines), room performed in ~ the very same session by the very same individual, the main procedure or business may be reported together listed. The added procedure(s) or service(s) might be figured out by appending comprehensive 51 come the additional procedure or company code(s). 
59 distinct procedural service: under certain circumstances, it may be crucial to suggest that a procedure or business was unique or elevation from other non-e/m services performed ~ above the very same day.
GC This company has to be performed in component by a resides under the direction of a teaching physician