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"Gettin" You home (The black Dress Song)" is a tune co-written and also recorded through American country music singer chris Young. It was released in February 2009 together the second single native his 2009 album The man I desire to it is in (2009). Young created the song with Kent Blazy and also Cory Batten. The track garnered hopeful reviews from doubters who praised the suggestive aramuseum.org for sounding sexy and for gift a great non-sellout single. "Gettin" you Home" came to be the first of Young"s five consecutive number one access time on the U. S. Billboard Hot country Songs chart. It additionally became his an initial Top 40 struggle on the Billboard warm 100 in ~ number 33, and it peaked in ~ number 74 ~ above the Canadian hot 100. The track was certified Platinum by the Recording sector Association the America, and has sold 932,000 copies in the United says as that November 2015. It to be nominated for a Grammy award for finest Male country Vocal Performance. The accompanying music video was command by Stephen Shepherd. Much more »

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Tuxedo waiters, black color tie,White table clothes and also red wine,We"ve to be planning, this night,Looking front to it,for some timeNow honey I know you love acquiring dressed up,And you recognize I love reflecting you off,But watching her baby blue eyes, to dance in the candle irradiate glow,All I can think about, is obtaining you home,Walking through the prior door, see your black color dress struggle the floor, Uh love husband there certain ain"t nothing, like you lovingMe every night long, and also all I can think about is obtaining you home,I don"t require this menu, no ns don"t,I already know simply what ns want,Did i hear friend right, did girlfriend tell me,Go salary the waiter and lets leave, currently honey I understand by the look in her eyes,And your hand illustration hearts ~ above mine, that our night the end of the house, ain"t gonna last also long, once all you deserve to think about, is obtaining me home,Walking with the prior door, see your black color dress struggle the floor, Uh honey there sure ain"t nothing like you love meAll night long,And all I can think about, every I deserve to think about, all I have the right to think about, is gaining you home.

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kris Young Christopher Alan "Chris" Young (born June 12, 1985) is one American country music artist. In 2006, the was declared the winner of the television routine Nashville Star, a singing competition i beg your pardon aired ~ above the USA Network. After ~ winning, he to be signed to RCA records Nashville, releasing his self-titled debut album that year. It created two singles top top Hot country Songs: "Drinkin" Me Lonely" and "You"re Gonna Love Me". A second album, The man I desire to Be, was released September 1, 2009. It had the singles "Voices", "Gettin" You residence (The black color Dress Song)", and "The man I desire to Be", i beg your pardon all saw number 1. Young"s third album, Neon, developed two an ext number persons in "Tomorrow" and "You". An ext »