Key Difference: Christmas or X-mas is a holiday the is commemorated to commemorate the bear of Jesus Christ, the boy of God. Thanksgiving day is the job of providing thanks because that the blessing that the harvest that has actually been received for the vault year.

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Christmas and also Thanksgiving are two of the most well known and celebrated holidays that space at the finish of the year. While, both holidays may seem familiar due to the fact that both holidays are associated with merriment, household gatherings and also food, there are numerous differences between the two main holidays.

Christmas or X-mas is a holiday that is commemorated to commemorate the bear of Jesus Christ, the kid of God. Jesus to be miraculously conceived by the holy Spirit in Mary"s womb when she to be still a virgin. In plenty of places, Christmas is linked with the nativity scene, in which Mary and also Joseph travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the census and Jesus is born and laid in the manger. Human being from everywhere the world, including astronomers followed the Star of Bethlehem in order to carry out gifts come the newborn. That is taken into consideration as the son of God and the savior for all people. The star on height of the tree is typically representative the the star and hence the presents are frequently placed under the tree or fairly underneath the star.

Although, originally linked with the birth of Jesus, Christmas is now taken into consideration as gift of the holidays that have actually been commercialized. Christmas is now more associated v Santa Claus, a jovial number with a large belly and also a long beard that provides presents to the an excellent children and coal come the bad children. Throughout Christmas, family members come together to celebrate and exchange gifts amongst each other.

Thanksgiving job is a national holiday is most commonly celebrated in phibìc America and Canada. However, the vacation (under various names) room often commemorated all end the world. Thanksgiving job is the work of providing thanks because that the blessing that the harvest that has been received for the vault year. It is often celebrated on fourth Thursday of November in United claims and 2nd Monday that October in Canada.


Thanksgiving is popular taken into consideration as the day when the pilgrims (people who came to the united state on the Mayflower) satellite down with the indigenous Americans to give thanks for the feast. However, experts often insurance claim that this is no the an initial celebrations in the united States. Follow to Robyn Gioia and also Michael Gannon of the college of Florida argue that the more quickly Thanksgiving service in what is currently the United states was celebrated by the Spanish top top September 8, 1565.

While, writer James Baker claims, “Historically, no one of this had any type of influence end the evolution of the modern United says holiday. The American holiday"s true origin was the brand-new England Calvinist Thanksgiving. Never coupled through a Sabbath meeting, the Puritan observances were special days collection aside throughout the week because that thanksgiving and also praise in an answer to God"s providence.” Thanksgiving is often connected with family members gatherings and celebrating by feasting top top turkey v filling, mashed potatoes and also pumpkin pies.

Comparison between Christmas and Thanksgiving:




Celebrate the bear of Jesus Christ

Celebrate the end of harvest and a day for saying thanks for the harvest the the ahead year

Month Celebrated




December 25 (all Western and some east churches), January 6 (most that Armenian Christianity), January 7 (some east churches) and January 19 (some Armenian Christians)

Second Monday in October (Canada)

First Thursday in November (Liberia)

Last Wednesday in November (Norfolk Island)

Fourth Thursday in November (USA)


Church services, gift giving, family and other society gatherings, symbolic decorating

Gatherings, food, drinks, decorate of turkeys, etc.

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Observed by

Christians and also non-Christians end the world

United States, Canada, Liberia, Grenada, Puerto Rico (USA) and also Norfolk Island (AUS)





Cakes, eggnog, pudding, marzipan, mincepies, nutmeg, etc.

Changes depending upon the states observing but includes turkey, pumpkins and also mashed potatoes


Red and green colors. Decorations incorporate green evergreen, fake snow, white colors, ornaments, tinsel and also mistletoe

Fall color of brown, orange. Decorations likewise include bright orange pumpkins, variegated gourds, oddly shame squash grace, dried corn stalks, hay bales and horn the plenty