The nurse is a an excellent source of comic relief in general, however hereis an exact quote native the play.

NURSE: "I"ll put fourteen of my teeth-and yet, to my teenager be itspoken, ns have yet four-she is not fourteen. Just how long is it currently toLammastide?"

(Modern translation)

I"d gambling fourteen that my own teeth-but, I"m i m really sorry to say, i onlyhave 4 teeth-she"s no fourteen. How long is the untilLammastide?

The nurse is absolutely a great source that comic reliefthroughout the play, kind of a behind-the-scenes character thatknew a lot about what occurred when she to be a look at lower-classand insignificant character, however. The idea that occasionally themost unlikely to know the most was definitely an intertwined aspectin the ide of the play, combined purposely by Shakespearehimself.

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