Is one Aqua Water Pill The mystery To happen A medicine Test?

As long as there have been pee testing, there have been human being trying come cheat the test.

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In the 80s Rolling stone Magazine, had advertisements because that drug-free urine, at $25 a sample, i beg your pardon was quite a bit earlier then. 

Common medicine Test Cheat Methods

Adding A Contaminant

One means to cheat the test is to include a contaminant to her sample. Several of the complying with contaminants have actually been provided as adulterants to add to a to pee sample.

IodineChlorineBromineSoapChromium IVHydrochloric Acid

Water Loading

Another common technique is drinking too much water (“water load”) in an effort to hide or make THC or an opioid medication or any type of other illegal substances no detectable.

Cranberry juice and other liquids are provided also; yet the theory is the same: dilute your urine sample so that any kind of indications of drug use are eliminated or not detectable in her urine sample.

Other Methods

They additionally have miscellaneous detox drink that are asserted to remove THC metabolites or another form of drug metabolite in your body. Girlfriend can even purchase synthetic urine.

All the over will be saved for a later article. But, for now, I will attempt come answer the inquiry of even if it is or not making use of water purification tablet computers to pass drug tests is a good idea or not.

Theory Behind Aqua Pills-Do castle Hide medicine Metabolites?

What room Water Purification Tablets?


Intended Use

Each of these Aqua Pills is designed to be effective against water-borne viruses, and also bacteria, and details water pathogens. They do not work-related though because that cryptosporidium. Both the Coleman and also Potable Aqua have actually “PA Plus”, i m sorry is design to make it taste better.

Another famous water pill is the drinkable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide, which together you most likely guessed, has chlorine dioxide added to boost water’s taste and likewise make clear water.

Are Aqua Pills Any better Than level Old Water?

Aqua pills might be better than level old water since of the included iodine. Iodine has been supplied for year for medicine tests. So, the added iodine in addition to gallon water can be the secret to letting you happen the test.

Can Aqua Pills or A Water load Be Detected?

I perform not think the water purification pills space able to be particularly detected. However, drug trial and error labs space able to detect your creatinine levels.

Creatine is an amino acid found in muscle tissue and urine. Drink an excessive amount that water results in less creatine and likewise decrease the presence of drugs in her body. ~ above the various other hand, less water way that you will have much more creatine.

The drug labs by simply measuring your creatine levels state that they room able to recognize whether or not you were water loading or otherwise attempting come cheat the test.

Final Thoughts-Do Aqua Pills Work?

I am no moralizing as soon as I state this, i am simply saying a fact: The best means to happen a drug test is to no smoke weed or take any kind of other illicit substances. Just put, girlfriend are encountering an uphill fight when trying to outsmart drug detection labs. These labs have more money than you and also frankly, the people in charge are likely smarter 보다 you are. (I understand that they are smarter than me.)

Aqua Pills though has been shown, to part degree, to be reliable in helping you happen a drug test because that both weed and also other illegal substances. This fact is even acknowledged by a pro-drug testing company who admits that countless drug trial and error tricks deserve to work in her favor. However, as time goes on, drug experimentation labs modern technology will become an ext advanced and the Aqua pills may soon become useless for passing a to pee analysis.

Your likelihood of cheating a medicine test counts upon the lab experimentation you, the rap technician, and the form of test the is gift done. I’ll recognize that I have no idea what the percentage opportunity that you have actually of passing a drug test by using aqua tablets. Neither carry out I know how much taking these pills will aid you increase the odds that you acquiring a false an unfavorable on your urine test.

I do recognize that the odds of her fooling a drug test are absolutely not in your favor. So, if i was healthy, I would only try the Aqua pill dilution method or any type of other an approach for pass a medicine test together a critical resort.


Detox Products

A detox product (I.E. Detox Pills or Drinks) is draft to aid your body get rid of harmful toxins. Most of this drinks room marketed for general health and not because that helping with urine testing. Also, there are some marketed as a THC decoding kit or more often as a method to happen a medicine test.

According to the manufacturers, all that you need to do is drink them, urinate a couple of times, and also voila you’ll happen the test with flying colors.

They perform not though acquire rid of any type of THC in her body. Just time deserve to do that.

The biggest problem with these decoding drinks is that they change the shade of her sample, which is a certain tipoff to the medicine lab that you were taking a decoding drink to pass a medicine test.

Saliva drug Tests

Saliva medicine tests room becoming, more popular, as they room non-intrusive and also easier to administrate. Castle are likewise only able come detect THC within 24 hrs of use and cocaine in ~ 72 hours.

So, if that is a saliva drug test it does not issue whether or not you do the efforts water purification pills or any kind of other trial and error hack prior to you took the test.

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For a saliva medicine test, if girlfriend haven’t smoked within 24 hrs you’ll most likely pass no matter if you take it water pills or didn’t take any kind of pills.