didn"t undertand lot of it...it was an okay episode, however to numerous stuff to be hurled in ~ me for me to understand it all

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Holy crap! that was sort of hard to follow, so now CC lost her memory? go that mean she"s usless now? has she forgotten how to fight? since she"s plainly lost her cause too. Yet now that Charles is immortal, exactly how is Lelouch supposed to beat him?And as soon as is someone finally going to death Suzaku? He"s gaining on my critical nerve....
Great episode, however kinda confusing. If CC is like, it"s maybe due to the fact that her wish was granted. But then who"s the replacement ? walk Charles take it this opportunity ?
omg, exceptional episode... Ns really dont prefer things take place so fast now... A most mysteries. Will certainly comment more after rewatch. Damn... Ns so interested in following episode...
woaaaaaaaaah ideal episode for this reason far...but what an ending, C.C. Gained an amnesia? whyyyy! Lelouch go kiss her so that she remembers everythng
WTF. Ns am therefore pissed, lastly when Lelouch realizes what he needs to execute for when for a girl she loses she damn memory of everything that needs to do with him and revert ago to the old days as soon as she was a slave girl. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate hate hate his father and his geass. So wait because V.V. Died, the emperor is now immortal? If so, the was every Lelouch"s fault. The should have actually left V.V. Be, however C.C. Should have actually said something. Wouldn"t she have actually known?This is frustratiing-_-
Code Geass R2 illustration 15 (English Dub) was exciting, I obtained to see C2"s previous :D.Unfortunately, code Geass R2 episode 16 (English Dub) won"t it is in airing until may 2, 2009, *SIGH* :(.
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V.V died.. He to be pretty cool. :/ I"m happy Lulu speak C.C. The end of dying yet now she"s lost her storage wth?

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woah.. It is a lot of to take it in... A whole LOT!!! i"m still perplexed at some parts too!!!! anyway.. This is just how i interpreted it...i think... Charles stole immortality indigenous V.V. Because there to be a flashback about them promise each other on no lying and stuff and also then lock charles also said in the they wanted to slay the god or something to rid the world of lies.. Something choose that.. So as soon as he observed the V.V. Lying, the stole the immortality native V.V., which, obviously was no consensual, due to the fact that V.V. Claimed while he was dying, the he want immortality, which do C.C. Wonder and also ask charles, why would you death your brother that you love so much? because of the lies i guess... Climate we check out C.C."s past, finding the end that the nun required immortality ~ above C.C. And C.C. As well wanted to finish immortality, yet i don"t acquire the component about charles and also C.C. Sort of like about to kiss or something and then, lulu stepping in and then C.C. Shedding her memories... I was like.. Huh!?!?? go anyone know?