Here"s an excerpt native the beginning of centimeter Punk"s supposed brand-new theme "Cult of Personality"

". . . And also during the few moments the we have left, . . . We desire to talk right down to earth in a language the everybody here can conveniently understand."

In the heart of that quote allow me say this: This track is lame!

Wait! simply Stop! I know what you"re going to say...

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Ring that Honor, man...

The music fits his brand-new character cause he"s obtained a cult following and he"s gained personality...

He"s no much longer associating himself v WWE so he readjusted his music come reflect his past promotion together a kick in the (insert every little thing makes friend smile) come the WWE.

Don"t you acquire it?

Yeah, I obtain it...

I additionally get the he had actually the solitary greatest intro already.


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The insane guitar riff that hammers girlfriend in the confront until your nose bleeds. The black, green, red, and yellow fist shower on the titan-tron clutching a bolt of lightning while a scream awakens the inner poor guy in every one of us

The lull in the music together Punk walk his finest Russell Crowe from Gladiator; sweeping his hands follow me the ramp entrance emotion the hallowed fight grounds that countless of the former greats have battled on.

Then together the music begins to build ago up again the shouts to the heavens and also throws his fist into the air together the soundtrack it s okay its 2nd life.

We did every watch the exact same entrance native Money in the Bank? Right?

The wrestling ar can tell me the it gets far better than that? v Cult that Personalty in that place?

While I currently feel together though I"m in the decimal on this issue, please feel cost-free to prove me dorn or ideal by clicking on the poll.

As the Miz would say "You all like the Cult of Personality together CM Punk"s new theme, really? really?...really?"

So what specifically is a cult of personality?

A cult the personality arises once an individual supplies mass media, propaganda, or various other methods, to create an idealized and also heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and also praise. Cults that personality are usually connected with dictatorships.

The sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite group of authority; the cult of personality stop parallels v what Weber identified as "charismatic authority."

A cult that personality is similar to hero worship, other than that the is established by fixed media and propaganda. However, the term might be used by analogy to describe adulation of spiritual or non-political leaders.

While the cult the personality generally uses to the enhancement and also promotion the a political or religious doctrine, that stands to factor that it is likewise asserted in everyday situations where popular is provided to support conformity come philosophies and also lifestyles,even products and also attitudes by method of peer pressure and also herd mentality.

- many thanks to the great Wikipedia

Well the was educational, and certainly sums up centimeter Punk"s new angle perfectly, yet who cares if the songs an interpretation fits the perfectly?

Three fast Reasons why this is terrible

1. "This Fire Burns" is already burned right into the heads of human being who have complied with Punk in his WWE career. You all witnessed it... 99 percent that the human being had no proviso what was going on throughout his return to Raw. Imagine if his original music played; the roof would have snapped in two.

2. It"s a much far better song (In a wrestling entrance sense)

3. I"d lot rather go to battle with "This Fire Burns" blazing over the battlefield, anyone running together screaming and ramped up fairly then prance the end to Cult that Personality!

Personality cults often focuses on the power of Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Hirohito, Mao Zedong, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il...

...and reportedly CM Punk now!

Raise your hand if you assumed you"d check out the surname Adolf Hitler top top the Bleacher Report today...

CM Punk has actually now become this warm commodity, and also is the very first wrestler in a long time to acquire a mass audience exterior of the WWE realm. People who hadn"t heard his name are currently interested in the male who has begun to break the walls down about the WWE empire. 

Do we really have to tag him v a lame entrance song so world can to speak "ahhh I obtain it, he"s an secret leader...cult of personality, that"s clever, I liked that song!"...

See more: The Astrology Practiced By Those Who Cast Predictive Horoscopes Can Be Tested By 1989! The tune won a Grammy the year because that "Best tough Rock Performance"... Today"s hard rock (Killswitch Engage) provides that song seem prefer it to be performed through the Wiggles.