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Laughlin is a small resort city on the banks of the Colorado River, located at the southern tip of Nevada, 90 miles southern of las Vegas. It is the geographical meeting point of san Bernardino County, California, Mohave County, Arizona, and Clark County, Nevada.

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Population / Elevation

8,990 / 504 feet over sea level

Weather / Climate

This hot, dry region, whereby the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado River, is well-known as the tri-state area.

Laughlin, Nevada - Monthly Climate Normals
Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °F 86 64 70 76 84 93 104 108 106 96 88 74 63
Low °F 61 42 46 50 57 67 76 84 81 74 62 50 42
Avg °F 73 53 58 63 71 80 90 96 94 87 75 62 53
Rain 4.67 .48 .43 .46 .30 .08 .03 .37 .73 .53 .36 .43 .47

among Laughlin"s water taxis ~ above the river.

Hotels/Motels in Laughlin, Nevada with place maps and surrounding attractions.


Camping & RV Parks

Cottonwood Cove Resort (702) 297-1464 Lake Mohave will at Katherine Landing (928) 754-3245 RV parking in ~ most major Hotels. Davis Camp - Tent sites and RVs and campers ~ above the Arizona side of the river in Bullhead City, Arizona. Backcountry camping: Along the shores the Lake Mohave and also along designated sites on unpaved roads.


Laughlin is situated in Clark ar Nevada, annexed in 1867 from the Arizona territory by the State the Nevada as component of Lincoln County. Clark ar was developed in 1909 when Lincoln County to be divided. Indigenous a populace of 3,321, expansion in Clark County remained slow until the good Depression when government projects such together Hoover Dam drew laborers to southern Nevada.

Since its establishing in 1966 as soon as Don Laughlin opened up the Riverside Casino, Laughlin has actually undergone phenomenal growth. In the late 1970s, a brand-new surge in casino construction began dramatically boosting the populace and transforming Laughlin native a tiny village into a bustling resort town. One casino and also 10 hotel/casinos now attract countless visitors from transparent the West. The bridge that spans the Colorado River in between Bullhead City and Laughlin is used by virtually 40,000 residents and visitors daily.


The Flamingo Laughlin became the Aquarius in October 2006. The Aquarius is the largest hotel and also casino located in Laughlin. Harrahs at the south finish of Laughlin has actually a coast on the river.

Things come Do

Visit Old western Mining towns and also Points of Interest

Oatman: Arizona town reenacts the Old West with staged gunfights in the center of town. Chloride, Arizona: Chloride has actually been served by both phase coaches and also trains during its vibrant history. The Chloride short article Office, likewise established in 1862, is the oldest continuously operating article office in the state that Arizona. Grapevine Canyon: countless of the ind gathered below for water and meetings. The indications on the rocks tell many stories the the past and give accuse on the regional conditions. Katherine Mine: Katherine"s Landing takes its surname from the decaying Katherine Mine, situated northeast the the existing Marina. Davis Dam: built by the office of Reclamation downstream indigenous Hoover Dam, that impounds Lake Mohave. Fort Mohave Indian Reservation: 41,884-acre residence of the Mojave, noted for your basketry and also beadwork. RT 66 Road pilgrimage Adventure- Chloride - route 66 - Oatman River and lake reports for boaters - click below for river information.

Events Calendar

Laughlin Desert an obstacle (Score Off roadway Races)


annual Laughlin Leap, where off-road vehicles and monster trucks contend for cash and bragging legal rights in a challenge that sees this vehicles fly turn off a dirt embankment, leaping more than 100’ v the air. Saturday and Sunday Laughlin will host SCORE Desert challenge Off-Road Races.

Laughlin river Run

Always organized the last full weekend in April, there will be motorcycles as far as the eye deserve to see! more than 50,000 bikers from every walks of life reap top-name entertainment, a poker run, displays, competitions - including awards because that the best custom motorcycle in the bunch - and thousands of vendors in the West"s biggest ride-in bicycle rally.

Rockets over the River July 4th

Traditionally, theseare 20-minute fireworks display screens launched end the waters the the Colorado River, readily available July 4th.Among the most spectacular displays in the West, this fireworks space choreographed to music top top a high-fidelity sound system and broadcast on area radio stations. Cost-free to the general public with finest viewing in ~ the Laughlin resorts and also casinos.

Colorado flow Regatta respectable (also referred to as the Bullhead City Regatta - Bullhead City is just throughout the flow from Laughlin)

International Gift and Craft Show March

Features several merchants showcasing unique and also beautiful handmade items such as belly dancing apparel, jewelry and also beaded items, hand-crafted women"s fashions, house decorations, sculptures, candles and much more! This family-friendly event has something because that everyone.

Holiday watercraft Parade of lights November of every year.

light up your boat, invite her friends and assist kick off the holidays Laughlin style! join in the fun as festive decorated watercrafts make their way up and also down the Colorado River.

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Off-Road in southern California"s deserts, inspect out our Mojave roadway Guide (Starts off of RT 95) and The Bradshaw Trail. (near I-10) These hard to find guides will certainly take friend on a adventure with time.

Resources & surrounding Attractions


Cities & Towns

Boulder City, Nevada: 70 miles north. Chloride, Arizona: 45 mile northeast Henderson, Nevada: 84 miles north. Las Vegas, Nevada:: 94 mile north. Bullhead City, Arizona: 2 miles east. Needles, California: 30 mile south.

Parks & Monuments

Death Valley nationwide Park: 172 miles west

Wilderness & Recreation Areas

Lake Mead nationwide Recreation Area: 70 mile north. Lake Mohave: 20 mile north. Mojave national Preserve: The Desert security Act developed the 1.4 million-acre Mojave National maintain in the love of California"s Mojave Desert. Big bend State Recreation Area: The state that Nevada preserves this area follow me the financial institutions of the Colorado River southern of Laughlin. Dead hills Wilderness Area: 48, 850 acres in the eastern Mojave Desert (BLM). Havasu nationwide Wildlife Refuge: produced for waterfowl, this is a wintering habitat for snow geese and other waterfowl.