Closest airport to Lansing is Capital an ar International airport (LAN). Distance from Capital region International Airport come Lansing is 3.6 miles / 5.8 kilometers.

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Lansing, MI – Airports nearby

Capital an ar International plane (3.6 miles / 5.8 kilometers)Bishop global Airport (44.2 mile / 71.2 kilometers)Gerald R. Ford worldwide Airport (50.1 mile / 80.7 kilometers)Saginaw MBS international Airport (60.4 mile / 97.1 kilometers)

Capital region International airport (LAN)

Capital an ar International plane is located approximately 3.2 miles / 5.2 kilometers northeast that Waverly and about 3.6 mile / 5.8 kilometers northwest the Lansing. IATA airport password is LAN.

Bishop international Airport (FNT)

Distance indigenous Bishop international Airport to Lansing is 44.2 mile / 71.2 kilometers. Bishop worldwide Airport is located roughly 4.3 miles / 7.0 kilometers southwest that Flint and around 6.9 miles / 11.0 kilometers west the Burton. IATA airport password is FNT.

Gerald R. Ford international Airport (GRR)

Distance from Gerald R. Ford worldwide Airport to Lansing is 50.1 mile / 80.7 kilometers. Gerald R. Ford international Airport is located around 5.7 mile / 9.2 kilometers south of forest Hills and around 6.2 mile / 10.0 kilometers east of Kentwood. IATA airport password is GRR.

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Saginaw MBS worldwide Airport (MBS)

Distance from Saginaw MBS global Airport come Lansing is 60.4 miles / 97.1 kilometers. Saginaw MBS global Airport is located roughly 6.2 miles / 10.0 kilometers northwest the Saginaw Township phibìc and about 10.2 miles / 16.4 kilometers southeast of Midland. IATA airport code is MBS.

AirportDistance (miles)Distance (km)
A Capital region International airport (LAN)3.65.8
B Bishop global Airport (FNT)44.271.2
C Gerald R. Ford global Airport (GRR)50.180.7
D Saginaw MBS global Airport (MBS)60.497.1
E Kalamazoo/Battle Creek international Airport (AZO)61.498.8
F Detroit metropolitan Airport (DTW)71.1114.4

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