Below, we list virtually 50 Christmas words and phrases that start with the letter D.

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Scroll past the list for a cool Christmas craft you can do with your family!

December: the month of ChristmasDecorationsDasher: among Santa’s reindeerDancer: among Santa’s reindeerDonner: among Santa’s reindeerDeck the Halls: classic Christmas carolDeerDown: the chimney: just how Santa gets into the houseDash away: what Santa speak the reindeer to execute in “A Visit indigenous St. Nicholas”Donations: giving to the less fortunateDrummer boyDimples: a feature of Santa’s face, follow to “A Visit indigenous St. Nicholas”DollsDominick the Donkey: a character from the classic Christmas track of the exact same nameDrummers drumming: referenced in “The Twelve job of Christmas”Down: fuzzy component of a thistle plant mentioned in “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”Dressing: Christmas dinner next dishDashing: moving through the snowDecorate: what you execute to the tree and your homeDickens: author of A Christmas CarolDecorDinnerDevotions: Biblical passages around the meaning of ChristmasDisplays: decorated keep windowsDivine: referenced in “O holy Night”Doves: a symbol of peaceDuck: periodically served in ~ Christmas dinnerDeliveriesDecorate cookiesDoor wreathDeeds: great worksDear Santa letterDie Hard: debatably a Christmas movieDessertsDrumstick: turkey leg periodically served in ~ Christmas dinnerDrippings: because that making gravyDrinksDips: served with chips together an appetizer at Christmas dinnerDeli tray: typical Christmas dinner appetizerDulcimer: instrument supplied in part Christmas songsDonning apparel: referenced in “Deck the Halls”David: “City of David” is another name for BethlehemDeviled eggs: party appetizerDeo: referenced in the Latin chant “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”Doxology: hymns that praiseDrive: taking a journey to look in ~ Christmas lightsDiscussion: talking around the meaning of ChristmasDecree: approve by Caesar Augustus in the Bible’s story that the bear of Jesus

Activity: DIY Decorations

To gain your family members in the Christmas spirit, it’s fun to produce your own DIY decorations!

Design ornaments you deserve to keep for years to come or make temporary decorations come “deck the halls” of your home.

We have actually a few ideas to get you began below!

Pinecone ornaments: emboldened pinecones in sparkly paint. After castle dry, include a bow and also a hanger come the peak of each and also hang them as ornaments!Candy cane reindeer: utilizing a thick candy cane, shape antlers the end of pipeline cleaners, then add two googly eyes and a tiny red or brown yarn pom-pom for a nose.Wooden spoon snowmen: paint small, flat wooden ice cream cream spoons white. Add a face, buttons under the front, and a small strip of towel for a scarf. Adhesive string come the back of the spoon for hanging.

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Star-shaped tree topper: reduced two pieces of felt into star shapes and also glue all yet the bottom edge together. Include a photograph to the center of the star, plus various other embellishments choose glitter glue. You have the right to then ar the star on optimal of her Christmas tree!Pipe cleaner snowflakes: Twist pipe cleaners roughly each various other until you have eight arms, connected in the middle. Add blue, white, and silver beads (or other colors, if you prefer!) to develop sparkly snowflakes! Add little strings to hang them as accessories or string numerous together to use as a garland.