Chipper Jones rookie cards are among the most renowned in the map hobby and also make because that a solid irreversible investment. Target Chipper Jones rookie cards with PSA 10 or SGC 10 grades and avoid purchasing a card ungraded at every cost.

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Chipper Jones to be drafted by the Atlanta Braves with the first overall pick in the 1990 June MLB Draft as a senior in high school.

Chipper went on to have a large career v the Braves and was a pan favorite in Atlanta as he to be a key member in good Braves teams of the 1990s.

Here’s a summary with a trio that the best options, together with investment advice for the near future.

Best Chipper Jones Rookie Cards

Please note the below cards are based upon return on investment.

1991 Chipper Jones Topps Desert Shield RC #333


A sports of the 1991 Topps, ‘Desert Shield’ cards were given to U.S. Army personnel who offered in procedure Desert Storm. The appearance is comparable to the regular Topps in numerous respects, with an image of Jones posing through a bat slung over his shoulder.

It’s his most valuable RC by far, yet why?

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The an essential difference is a golden ‘Desert Shield’ foil emblem situated on the right-hand side, while the problem of the foil, a low publish run, and also the reality it was given to soldiers that deployed all contribute to a low number of PSA 10 graded version on the market.

1991 Chipper Jones Topps Tiffany RC #333


Another 1991 Topps variant, the Tiffany is a premium variation of the base map made with far better stock materials and a glossy finish. (1991 was also the critical year the Topps exit Tiffany cards, more increasing their value.)

It’s essentially the same card as the one stated above, v a profile picture of Jones v the bat in hand. However, you’ll be able to tell the distinction straight far if you hold them up next by side. Provided the materials and the year of release, gem mint version are sensibly valuable.

1993 Chipper Jones SP foil RC #280


From the same collection as the legend 1993 Derek Jeter SP silver paper rookie card and as being such is sometimes overlooked by the understand community.

But come overlook this bad boy would certainly be a mistake as we feel the 1992 SP silver paper Chipper Jones rookie card should be among the far better of every his card in terms of permanent ROI.

1991 Chipper Jones Score RC #671


Something contempt different, the 1991 Score is worth a fraction of the price of the cards detailed above, also when looking in ~ gem mint versions.

It’s not all bad, together it renders for a good entry-level investment item making it appropriate for collectors looking come dip your toe right into the baseball map investing game.

It features photo of Jones swinging a bat, through a deep orange and also yellow background that is vaguely storage of cards native the 1950s. That notes the he was a first draft pick, and also it look at great, for this reason why is the so cheap?

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Put simply, it to be overproduced, especially contrasted to the others listed above.

Chipper Jones Rookie map Value

The most expensive Chipper Jones rookie map is the 1991 Chipper Jones Topps Desert Shield rookie card complied with by the 1993 SP silver paper Chipper Jones RC #280.

If you would like an approximated value of her Chipper Jones baseball card please email united state photos to value Feather to acquisition a Chipper Jones rookie card however have no idea wherein to begin? Email united state at advice and we will certainly hook friend up.


Chipper Jones Rookie Card: Buyers Rating and Investment Outlook

Any Braves pan will desire to include Jones’ RCs to their collection, and also there’s an option to suit practically every budget. ~ all, he invested 19 years v the team and also was easily inducted right into the room of fame in 2018.

Chipper Jones RC investment Rating: purchase (3.5 the end of 5)

Ownership Disclosure:None

Best Chipper Jones Rookie Card: 1991 Chipper Jones Topps Desert Shield RC #333

More recently, he joined the ESPN transfer team in march 2020.

Jones’ collectibles are rather uniquely placed, as he has a number of rare rookie choices that were released in one era in i beg your pardon the mean card was overproduced to the allude of being practically worthless.

In terms of investment pieces, we’d recommend you to skip previous the regular 1991 Topps entirely and also look come the Topps Tiffany, or even the Desert Shield if your budget permits.

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The former is a rare version of a famous base card, when the latter had to go through a warzone and back before being graded.

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It’s no wonder that his Desert Shield cards that have earned a PSA 10 grade deserve to sell for over five figures, and also they’re rare enough to be a an excellent investment in the future.

The most expensive 1991 Topps baseball map is the 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones rookie card #333.

We prefer the 1991 Score Chipper Jones rookie card #671 to have actually the finest ROI (return on investment) relocating forward.