Chevrolet venture owners have actually reported 6problems concerned transmission solenoid (under the strength train category).The many recently reported problems are provided below.Also please inspect out thestatistics and also reliability analysis of Chevrolet Venture based upon all problems reported for the Venture.

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Venture with 89,800 miles has actually been hard, harsh moving for some time, likewise whines. Dealer said possible pressure control solenoid epc requirements replaced, no estimate. Dealer said to run car until it i do not care a actual problem. Additionally discussed v tranny shop, lock experienced numerous of these tranny problems, usually code 1811, replace pressure regulate solenoid (epc) but to correct difficulty tranny demands to be rebuilt, calculation $1,600 to $1,900 come do. View all troubles of the 1999 Chevrolet Venture🔎.

Twice if driving our 2001 undertaking my wife and also I had actually noticed the engine revving if traveling under the road. In the second instance the inspect engine light came on and also remained illuminated most of the day lastly going the end on the drive home. We arranged an meeting at the local Chevrolet company department, which incidentally is wherein the auto was purchased. The dealer inspected the vehicle and reported to us that the transmission liquid was brown and also smelt burnt. They likewise advised the they had pulled 2 infection codes as soon as scanning the vehicles computer. The dealer listed us through two release to fix the transmission. The first remedy to be to replace a infection solenoid and also refill the infection with new fluid. Us were advised the this was a shot it and also see approach. The second remedy was to replace the factory transmission v a remanufactured transmission. Approximates for this remedies were $1137. 74 and also $2985. 06 respectively. A 2nd opinion was acquired from a neighborhood transmission shop. The shop inspected the vehicle and reported to us that without doubt the transmission liquid was burnt, the engine codes pointed out herein were infection related, and also that there to be material built up in the transmission filter and also oil pan. The shop advised united state that the transmission can be rebuilt because that $2372. 92. Due to the overall lower cost, the regional shop rebuild was selected. When the vehicle was choose up we were advised some of the clutches were essentially gone, most likely as result of the failure of a solenoid. View all troubles of the 2001 Chevrolet Venture🔎.

Problems with transmission top top 1999 Chevrolet Venture. The transmission was replaced and also flushed when it shifted perfectly at that point. The consumer was told that problems with the transmission was common. The consumer received bulletin# 00 07 30 0028/replace the pressure control solenoid valve assembly. The consumer said that flushing the transmission damaged the pressure manage solenoid valve assembly i m sorry caused bad shifting.

Transmission slips and stutters at less than 65,000 miles. Had to change valve, solenoid, filter and also fluid at a expense of $971. 93 indigenous gm dealer.

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Intermittent trouble with transmission. Take it dealership virtually 8 months to reproduce and repair. Undertaking would at times not enter gear at all. The difficulty was caused by a solenoid. After two trips to the dealer they lastly agreed to investigate properly and resolve it. Instantly after the repair the auto began come slip out of gear without warning. The dealership had actually the Venture nearly 20 days over the course of 6 months and claimed they could not reproduce also when the symptoms ended up being predictable to me and I was able to convey come them as soon as it would certainly occur; usually shortly after beginning the vehicle when the engine to be cool. Lastly after leaving the car with dealer end one week while on holidays they were able to reproduce it (on the day before my return). Still take it them nearly 10 days to schedule vehicle back in to diagnose and repair. Repair took end 3 days. Dealership and also gm failed to take it this seriously even after the auto slipped out of equipment in the middle of a liven intersection through my family members in the vehicle. Virtually caused a serious accident. Just after the car was repaired go I uncover out that there to be a bulletin out about this an extremely issue the specifically noted most the the symptom I described to the dealership also down the some of the very same terminology. An extremely disappointed in gms fail to respond conveniently to this problem regardless of dozens that emails come gm about this issue. The final diagnosis ~ above the venture was a stripped equipment in the infection requiring a rebuild. You"ll find this familiar if friend look at other postings in this category on this site and also many various other sites ~ above the web.

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