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Have you ever before wondered exactly how you can remove a power steering pump sheave without having to usage a puller?

We recognize that you may not constantly have your puller with you especially when you need it the most.

This is why we have actually written this write-up so that you would certainly know exactly how to perform some straightforward auto replacement functions by yourself without a puller.

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How come Remove strength Steering Pump Pulley without Puller

This post-show exactly How To eliminate Power Steering Pump pulley Without Puller step by step. Therefore make sure to check out to the end.

We will look at the following sub topics in ~ this post:

how to eliminate a sheave without a puller Generally,how to eliminate power steering wheel boltpittsburgh pulley remover and also installer set instructionshow to remove power steering pulley without pullerhow to remove harmonic balancer there is no puller

So with carry out in psychic let’s take a look at the first sub-title ~ above the top top the perform which is exactly how to remove a wheel without a puller and also general note.

If you room ready lets begin.

How To remove A wheel Without A Puller

Removing a pulley without a puller would certainly actually be established by the sort of pulley-block you room dealing with. However, below is how you can basically remove a pulley without a puller:

1. You begin by extract the screws hold the pulley

2. The sheave would have around 2 come 3 extra holes. Insert the removed screws right into these holes.

3. Tighten castle properly. Girlfriend will see the screws bottom out against the wheel backing and also this will carry out the occupational of pushing the pulley-block loose.

How To remove Power Steering pulley-block Bolt

The easiest and also most common technique to remove power steering wheel bolt is by hitting it v an influence tool.

However, another method is by utilizing a wrench come unbolt it. Girlfriend simply need to turn the counterclockwise come remove and then clockwise come tighten it back.

How To eliminate Power Steering pulley Without Puller

1. The very first thing to perform is to make certain you eliminate the major drive pulley prior to installing again. It is vital that the reinstalled wheel is well fitted into the input pillar so regarding enhance the performance of the inside pump. It is the link of the within shaft and also pump the would allow the car engine to transfer the power from a serpentine belt to the power steering pump pulley.

2. Thereafter, mount her removal tool which may take up to 12 inch in front of the pump. You have to affix the removal device in prior of the pump and also then align the device in the perfect fitting.

3. To operate your remove tool, you will certainly hear a pop signifying that the tool has actually started come work. Continue this process until girlfriend are convinced that the pulley-block is cost-free enough come pump intake shaft. That is crucial for you to warmth the sheave to about 120 – 130 degrees F. Thereafter, you deserve to proceed come reinstall the pulley.

4. While installing the pulley, make sure the procedure takes location in a clean, rust-free shaft. This is since a dirty or rusty pulley and shaft can make the installation procedure harder and time consuming. Caution: You should not apply any type of liquid, water, grease etc. Together a kind of lubricant to the sheave or shaft. Therefore, you have to wipe off any kind of grease or oil that might be present before you start any kind of the installation. Friend are probably wondering why us emphasize on this caution. No it? The factor for this is quite simple: grease or any other type of lubricant can cause the sheave to slip and also this will definitely result in failure of your installation efforts.

5. Having warmed the pulley-block at exactly 120 – 130 degrees, it is time to placed the pulley-block onto the shaft. To ensure a perfect fitting, you would have to spin the wheel until it gently mounts onto the shaft in a square manner. This will subsequently make the alignment to type accurately prior to you begin the installation

6. In this step, you need to turn on the pulley and take out the wobble. This would be one indication the the pulley has actually aligned appropriately in the square manner. Then, connect the installation tool in prior of the shaft pump. ~ this is done, the installation process would have been successful.

7. After completing the installation, friend now have to make certain the collar versus the wheel is strict fixed. To do this, girlfriend would usage a ratchet and wrench come tighten it. Undertaking not come leave any kind of area loose.

8. Once you are sure the the tool is perfect tightened and the steering pulley is appropriately installed, you would need to flush the altogether v the pump intake shaft. After doing this, you can get a fine deserved remainder for doing a pretty job.

How To remove Harmonic Balancer without Puller

1. The an initial thing to carry out is come gain access to the harmonic balancer by removed the serpentine belt. Girlfriend would have to take off the sheathe of the engine, shrouds, or plastic guards the cover the functioning area. Then find the serpentine belt and apply press on it to store it in position from coming out of the feather tension.

2. Next, you have actually to uncover the facility bolt that holds the harmonic balancer in position. It would be situated in former of the crankshaft. You have to loosen this bolt.

3. Thereafter, continue to eliminate the center bolt by using a socket. Friend would revolve the socket so regarding loosen the bolt. Another way to do this could be by merely positioning the socket firmly and also then begin the engine to aid in rotating and also loosening the bolt. This is many recommended, if you’re having a challenging time loosening a an extremely tightly fitted bolt.

4. Thereafter, all the is left is because that you to remove the pulley. You would have to do this in order to have accessibility to the harmonic balancer. You have the right to use a tool such together a pickle fork to remove the pulley and also then turn it a little bit with a screwdriver. Do it again and again until the pulley-block is lastly out.

5. Finally, you can now remove your harmonic balancer through inserting sturdy straps about where your harmonic balancer is positioned. Make sure the strap is steady positioned and also then traction it. You can now eliminate the poor harmonic balancer and also replace it with a brand-new one.

Conclusion on just how to remove power steering pump pulley without puller

We hope this write-up helped you to learn how to eliminate a strength steering pump pulley without a puller as well as how to remove harmonic balancer without puller and also many other auto functions without a puller.

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