The Master Shingle Applicator regimen provides education and learning in every facet of shingle installation techniques, and also the approved measures for installing all shingles. The routine utilizes the Shingle Applicator"s Manual and also covers topics together as good workmanship practices, roof systems, estimating, flashing, ventilation, and product installation accuse for all of"s shingle products.

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Benefits that the program include:

Certificate and Master Shingle applicator capTrade Knowledge

What"s in it because that you:

Provide workforce standards, and produces high-quality jobsEnsure vouch complianceSet you yourself apart native the competition

To come to be a understand Shingle Applicator you must:

Pass the grasp Shingle Applicator test after examining the Shingle Applicator"s ManualThe master Shingle Applicator is a necessity for the ShingleMaster™ and also SELECT ShingleMaster™ Programs

Pass the test and earn the understand Shingle Applicator qualification.

15th execution Test
15h version - SPANISH
15th edition - French
14th edition Test
14th edition - SPANISH
14th version - FRENCH

Additional Questions? call (800)404-9880.

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