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STUDY overview – chapter 2 True/False indicate whether the explain is true or false. ____1. The microprocessor is the most vital component the a computer and usually the many expensive single component.____2. Lamb capacity is frequently expressed in nanoseconds (ns).____3. To minimize online memory use, fill up your computer with as lot EEPROM together possible.____4. Ram circuitry holds “hard-wired” instructions that are a permanent part of the circuitry.____5. Sequential access is the capability of a maker to “jump” directly to asked for data.____6. Warehouse mass is the amount of data that have the right to be save on computer in a offered area of a warehouse medium.____7. EIDE, ATA, SCSI, and DMA describe the different types of circuitry used to carry data in between the tough disk and also other components.____8. CDs and also DVDs are instances of magnetic storage media.____9. Inner drive bays are designed for tough disk drives.____ 10. The variety of horizontal and also vertical pixels the a maker displays on a display screen is described as its display screen resolution. ____ 11. The system unit is the case that hold a computer’s key circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, strength supply, and storage devices. ____ 12. The hatchet “form factor” refers to the size and dimensions of a component, such as a mechanism board. ____ 13. Currently, there are three personal computer platforms: PC, Mac, and Linux. ____ 14. You can usually identify the microprocessor once looking within a computer, together it is the just chip ~ above the motherboard. ____ 15. A microprocessor’s clock rate is same to the variety of instructions it deserve to execute in one second. ____ 16. A fast front side bus moves data easily and allows the processor to work-related at full capacity. ____ 17. The Intel i7 1.6 GHz processor is quicker than the i5 2.4 GHz processor. ____ 18. Processors v a smaller word size have the right to process more data during each processor cycle. ____ 19. A RISC processor has complicated instruction sets, each requiring several clock cycles because that execution. ____ 20. Many processors in today’s an individual computers usage RISC technology. ____ 21. Ram is volatile, which way it should constantly receive electrical power to organize data. ____ 22. Storage capacity usually is measure in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB). ____ 23. The speeds of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray drives room all measure on the very same scale, based upon the initial 1.2 megabits per 2nd data transfer rate of the very first CD drives. ____ 24. DVD-RW an innovation allows you to create data come a disc and then later change that data. ____ 25. A card reader is a storage machine that is used to check out from and write come solid state warehouse cards, like Secure Digital (SD) and CompactFlash cards. ____ 26. A keyboard is an example of a pointing device. ____ 27. The most frequently used touch screen an innovation is a transparent dashboard coated through a thin layer the electrically conductive material that senses a adjust in the electrical present when touched. Multiple choice Identify the selection that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 28. In ~ normal analysis distance, a resolution of about ________ dpi appears solid come the human eye, but a close check reveals a period pattern. A. 250 c. 1200 b. 900 d. 2400 ____ 29. Which one of the following tools would commonly have the fastest accessibility time? a. Tough disk drive c. DVD journey b. CD journey d. USB flash drive ____ 30. ________ computers are small, portable devices that allow you come install application software, usually referred to as apps. A. Micro c. Amplified b. Handheld d. To move ____ 31. A netbook ________. A. Is a tiny version the a slate computerc. Is smaller sized than a tower unit and sometimes sports a take care of b. Is a little version of a notebook computer system d. Features a touch display screen that\"s regulated by finger gestures____ 32. Since of the typically facility instruction sets offered today, most processors in personal computers use ____ technology. A. Hyper-Threading c. Overclocking b. RISC d. CISC____ 33. There are three types of storage technologies typically used for personal and handheld computers: ________, optical, and also solid state. A. Fiber optic c. Electronic b. Magnetic d. Random accessibility ____ 34. Warehouse ________ is the lot of data that can be stored in a provided area of a warehouse medium, such together the surface ar of a disk. A. Accessibility time c. Transfer price b. Density d. Volume ____ 35. The adhering to are all instances of pointing tools EXCEPT ________. A. A trackpad c. A local bus b. A mouse d. A joystick ____ 36. A(n) ________printer provides the same an innovation as a photocopier to repaint dots of light onto a light-sensitive drum. A. Dot matrix c. Laser b. Squid jet d. Duplex ____ 37. The hatchet ____ designates tools that could be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality. A. Digital an equipment c. Disk pack b. Mechanism add-on d. Peripheral device ____ 38. The ____ is the situation that stop the computer’s main circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, strength supply, and storage devices. A. Kiosk c. Kind factor b. Device unit d. Communication ____ 39. ____ are the kind factor of selection for computer owners who can want to upgrade components in the future because it is basic to obtain inside the case and swap out parts. A. Cube units c. Tower devices b. Base units d. Minicases ____ 40. The hatchet ____ describes the size and dimensions of a computer component. A. Type factor c. Decaying header b. Mechanism specification d. Peripheral metric ____ 41. A(n) ____ computer is a small, lightweight an individual computer with screen, keyboard, storage, and processing components incorporated into a solitary unit. A. Tower c. Desktop computer b. All-in-one d. Portable ____ 42. A ____ offers much more portability than a standard notebook. A. Digital deskbook c. Netbook b. Mini-notebook d. Microtablet ____ 43. A ____ computer system is also referred to together a laptop computer. A. Desktop computer c. Notebook b. Tablet d. PDA ____ 44. Gaming computers frequently include ____. A. An extremely fast processors b. Several memoryc. Modern sound capabilities d. All answers are correct____ 45. A ____ computer system is a handheld computer that is essentially a huge version that an intensified media player. A. Tower c. Desktop b. Tablet d. Microcomputer ____ 46. A(n) ____ media player is a handheld an equipment designed for playing music and videos, which uses a camera, accessibility to the Internet, and also a range of apps. A. Convertible c. Ultra-mobile b. Intensified d. Clever ____ 47. On i beg your pardon of the following tools do windows Phone apps run? a. IPhones c. BlackBerry b. Palm d. No answers are correct ____ 48. ____ way a exchange rate cycles every second. A. Gigahertz b. Megahertzc. Terahertz d. Nanohertz____ 49. In an advertisement, a speed specification, such as 2.66 GHz, suggests the speed of the microprocessor ____. A. Regulate unit c. Clock b. Register d. No answers space correct ____ 50. ____ describes the variety of bits the a microprocessor deserve to manipulate at one time. A. Processor speed c. Register an are b. Word dimension d. ALU ____ 51. A processor that has circuitry for 2 or an ext processing devices is called a ____ processor. A. HyperTransport c. Multi-core b. Pipelined d. Serial ____ 52. A technology called ____ enables the processor to begin executing an additional instruction before it completes the previous instruction. A. Pipelining c. Benchmarking b. Serial processing d. HyperTransport ____ 53. A microprocessor whose instruction set includes a restricted set of an easy instructions uses ____ technology. A. HyperTransport c. CISC b. RISC d. Benchmarked ____ 54. ____ is supplied to enhance processor performance. A. Pipelining c. Parallel handling b. A benchmark d. Both pipeling and also parallel handling ____ 55. Countless of today’s microprocessors perform ____, in i m sorry multiple instructions room executed in ~ the very same time. A. Serial processing c. Parallel handling b. Multitasking d. Benchmarking ____ 56. ____ space the an outcome of a collection of tests used to gauge in its entirety microprocessor speed and are helpful in compare microprocessor performance. A. Benchmarks c. Clocking numbers b. Hyper-Threads d. FSC reports ____ 57. Overclocking is a an approach for increasing the speed of a computer component, such as ____. It can be really risky. A. The processor c. Storage b. A graphics card d. Every answers space correct ____ 58. ____ is a temporary holding area because that data, application regime instructions, and also the operation system. A. ROM c. Disk storage b. EEPROM d. Ram ____ 59. RAM deserve to be assumed of together the ____ because that the computer’s processor. A. Manufacturing facility c. Wait room b. Operation room d. To plan room ____ 60. Unlike disk storage, many RAM is ____. A. Online b. Integratedc. Non-volatile d. Volatile____ 61. If a regimen exceeds the allocated space, the operating device uses an area the the hard disk referred to as ____ to store parts of a program or data file until they are needed. A. Volatile memory c. Digital memory b. Capacitor memory d. Combined memory ____ 62. For great basic performance, a computer running home windows 7 should have at least ____ the RAM. A. 100 MB c. 500 MB b. 250 MB d. 1 GB ____ 63. ____ is offered by most of today\"s personal computers because it is quick and relatively inexpensive. A. RDRAM c. SDRAM b. EEPROM d. No answers are correct ____ 64. ____ is a form of memory circuitry that holds the computer\"s startup routine. A. In salt (Read early memory) c. ROM (Read only memory) b. Lamb (Random access memory) d. REM (Ready ever before memory) ____ 65. ROM BIOS is a small collection of instructions the tells the computer every one of the following other than ____. A. Just how to access the hard disk b. Whereby to find the operating mechanism c. Exactly how to pack the operation system into RAM d. What the data move rate need to be ____ 66. A(n) ____ chip is a type of non-volatile memory chip that does not need power to organize data. A. Ram c. SDRAM b. EEPROM d. Every answers space correct ____ 67. ____ time is the median time that takes a computer to locate and read data top top the warehouse medium. A. Identification c. Access b. Isolation d. Find ____ 68. ____ is the ability of a machine to \"jump\" directly to the requested data. A. Sequential access c. Random access b. Quick accessibility d. All answers space correct ____ 69. The ____ is the quantity of data that a storage machine can move from the storage medium to the computer per second. A. Data migration price c. Data digitizing rate b. Data transfer price d. Data accessibility rate ____ 70. Warehouse capacity commonly is measure in ____. A. Milliseconds (ms) c. Gigabits or terabits per second b. Gigabytes or terabytes d. No answers space correct ____ 71. Difficult disk storage modern technology can it is in classified together ____ storage. A. Optical c. Fluid-state b. Magnetic d. Pipelined ____ 72. A tough disk ____ is a flat, rigid disk make of aluminum or glass and also coated with magnetic stole oxide particles. A. Window c. Platter b. Fragment d. Regulate unit ____ 73. An individual computer tough disk platters generally have warehouse capacities ranging from 40 GB come ____. A. 60 GB c. 750 GB b. 100 GB d. 2 TB ____ 74. CD, DVD, and also Blu-ray technologies can be classified as ____ storage. A. Heavy state c. Magnetic b. Bubble d. Optical ____ 75. Which of the adhering to is an example of a rerecordable optical storage medium? a. BD-RE c. DVD+RW b. CD-RW d. All answers space correct ____ 76. A built-in ____ in your an individual computer can make it much easier to transport photos native a heavy state memory card provided in your digital camera. A. Card leader c. U3 journey b. USB drive d. MP3 media player ____ 77. Heavy state storage, also called flash storage storage, ____. A. Has platters made of aluminum or glass b. Provides reasonably fast accessibility to data c. Has moving parts d. All answers space correct ____ 78. A ____ is an instance of a pointing device. A. Joystick b. Trackpadc. Mouse d. All answers space correct____ 79. A ____ is a touch-sensitive surface ar on i beg your pardon you deserve to slide her fingers to move the on-screen pointer. A. Pointing stick c. Trackball b. Trackpad d. Joystick ____ 80. Tablet computers, handheld devices, retail store self checkouts, and information kiosks collection input from a ____. A. Pointing pole c. Trackball b. Joystick d. Touch display ____ 81. A(n) ____ display screen is standard equipment on notebook computers. A. PDA c. LCD b. HTML d. URL ____ 82. Period pitch is the street in millimeters between like-colored ____ —the tiny dots of irradiate that type an image. A. Pixels c. Point out b. Picas d. Icons ____ 83. For gaming systems, a solution rate of ____ or much less is desirable. A. 5 multiple sclerosis c. 11 multiple sclerosis b. 7 ms d. 12 multiple sclerosis ____ 84. The number of colors a screen can display is described as ____. A. Resolution c. Veracity b. Shade depth d. GPU ____ 85. Which is the highest possible resolution? a. SXGA b. VGAc. WQXGA d. SVGA____ 86. A printer’s ____ identify how countless pages a printer is able come churn out. A. Resolution c. Duty bike b. Duplex index d. PCL ____ 87. A(n) ____ printer have the right to print on both political parties of the paper. A. Duplex c. Dot-matrix b. Remastered d. Ink-jet ____ 88. ____ is the most widely provided language for communication in between computers and also printers. A. Linux c. PCL b. PostScript d. USB ____ 89. Warm plugging is enabled with what kind of devices? a. PCI c. FireWire b. USB d. Both USB and also FireWire ____ 90. The ____ is a security mechanism that is factory-installed ~ above many personal computers. A. Prevent plate c. Kensington defense Slot b. EPA d. Slate tablet computer ____ 91. A ____ is a sudden rise or spike in electric energy, affecting the current that operation to electric outlets. A. Brownout c. Power surge b. UPS d. Battery blast ____ 92. ____ plates leave an indelible tattoo on your computer system equipment, which consists of a distinctive ID number registered in an international database. A. Strength c. StealthSignal b. Prevent d. Computrace ____ 93. I beg your pardon of the complying with is tracking and also recovery software? a. Lojack for laptop computers c. WebAngel b. Laptop place System d. Prevent ____ 94. Power ____ can originate indigenous a variety of sources: downed strength lines, strength grid convert by the electric company, faulty wiring, and large appliances powering on and off. A. Flicker c. Cycles b. Surges d. Portages ____ 95. A ____ is a an equipment that not only offers surge protection, but additionally furnishes your computer system with battery back-up power during a power outage. A. Surge piece c. UPS b. USB d. Battery piece ____ 96. A(n) ____ strip monitors the electrical existing that passes from the outlet to all the devices plugged into the strip. A. Outlet c. Back-up b. Surge d. Battery ____ 97. The ____ shows that the operation system has actually encountered an error native which it can not recover, and also the computer system no much longer accepts any commands. A. Protect against c. RISC b. Blue display screen of fatality d. HTTP ____ 98. A great computer maintenance regime would include regularly ____. A. Running utilities prefer Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter b. Scanning your computer for viruses and spyware c. Deleting her browser’s history and cache records d. All answers are correct ____ 99. Come reboot a PC, host down the ____ keys at the same time. A. Ctrl, Alt, and Esc c. Ctrl, Alt, and Del b. Alt, Esc, and also Del d. Del and also Alt ____ 100. ____ is a restricted version of windows that permits you to use your mouse, screen, and also keyboard but no other peripheral devices. A. Regulate Panel c. Power setting b.

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