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Oh! as soon as you"re down and looking for some cheering upThen simply head ideal on up to the candy mountain caveWhen you gain inside you"ll find yourself a cheery landSuch a happy and joyful and perky, merry landThey"ve gained lollipops and gummy drops and candy thingsOh so countless things that will certainly brighten up your dayIt"s difficult to undertake a frown in candy townIt"s the mecca the love, the candy caveThey"ve obtained jelly beans and also coconuts with little hatsCandy rats, coco bats, it"s a wonderland the sweetsRide the liquid train come town and hear the liquid bandCandy bells it"s a treat as they march throughout the landCherry ribbons stream throughout the sky right into the groundTurn aroundIt astounds!It"s a dancing liquid treeIn the candy cave imagination runs so freeSo now Charlie, please will you get in the caveBoom!
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