The answer goes ago to a couple named Frank and Ethel Mars who began a wholesale candy manufacturing facility in 1911. When that endeavor failed, they found their sweet spot nine years later on when they founded Mars, Inc., which to be originally called the Mar-O-Bar Company. A couple of years later, they presented the Milky method bar, and also a star was born! Milky method became the best-selling candy bar the the time.

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That success permitted Frank and Ethel to open up a complete production tree in Bakersfield, California. It to be from there that the Snickers bar was introduced in 1930. That plant stays in procedure to this day, and also Mars, Inc., the largest candy agency in the galaxy, is quiet a family-owned business.

Why is it referred to as Snickers?

Today, Mars, Inc. Sells hundreds of items across many categories consisting of food, beverages, and even pet care, however it to be their early on offerings, including the Snickers bar, that listed the success that enabled them to end up being the iconic company they space today.

After the success the the Milky method bar, the company experimented with other chocolate delights in the really hopes of mimicking that success. Castle had one more winner on their hands v Snickers. Today, Snickers is the 3rd best marketing candy bar in the united States and the top seller globally. However what to be the impetus behind the name? it’s a tiny story around a woman and also her horse.

Frank and Ethel loved Tennessee. As soon as they began to gain some success, castle purchased a large tract of floor which would eventually become Milky way Farm. The farm bred racehorses, many of which came to be champions.

Ethel’s favorite equine was a sweepstakes winner called Snickers. Sadly, the lover horse died shortly before the Snickers bar was released in 1930, yet Ethel love the reality that the candy bar’s name would be a tribute come Snickers.

While Americans were munching on your Snickers bars, in the UK and Ireland, the candy bar was referred to as Marathon—and the factor doesn’t play also today together it did in the 1930s. Mars marketed the high-calorie sweet treat as a perfect an option for athletes who needed fuel to complete their rigorous activities. Sure, the peanuts are great, yet most athletes today look because that food options that are a little less sugary. In 1990, Mars determined to use the surname Snickers globally.

Mars, Inc. Go briefly offer a Marathon bar in the U.S., but that was not pertained to the Snickers bar. In 2008, Mars introduced a three-month psychological in the U.K. Wherein they tried rebranding Snickers come Marathon. That didn’t take off, and Marathon was, once again, phased out.


One the the slogans most connected with the Snickers bar, “Snickers really Satisfies,” was introduced in 1978. As is the case with many wildly successful slogans, that went through different iterations over the years. In 2010, once the “You’re no You when You’re Hungry” campaign was developed by advertising gigantic BBDO, they hosted on to a little bit of the 1978 tagline by placing the single word “Satisfies” under picture of the candy bar.

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The campaign debuted during the 2010 super Bowl, and also has been earning sweet-toothed customers ever before since. Whether you’re a long-time pan of the liquid bar called for a horse, or you were won over by city hall one bite the a Snickers bar transform Robin Williams into a football coach or Joe Pesci right into a millennial party goer, this nearly 90-year-old treat really does satisfy.

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