An American flag is flying over the Parliament structures on Canadian file money. This is no the case. The Birds series bills depict a Union Flag flying over Parliament on the $100; a Canadian Red Ensign (a previous Canadian flag) top top the $5, $10, and also $50; and also the modern maple-leaf flag to be on the $2 bills. (The $20 depicts the Library the Parliament, v no flag visible.) Those "taken" through the rumour were likely fooled through the bills with the Red Ensign, as the flags space very little and not shown in full colour, and also the Ensign through its contrasting canton rather resembles the American flag.

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When a bill depicts a previous prime minister, the Parliament structures behind him space flying whichever flag Canada was using at the time of his tenure. The confront of the Birds series featured photos of prime ministers (or the Queen) and also the homes of Parliament. However, as noted above, the $10 note featured the Red Ensign together Sir man A. Macdonald, who ended up being prime minister 25 years before the Red Ensign was authorized for use on the vendor Marine and much more than 50 years before it was used on federal government buildings.<14> Also, the Union Flag is ~ above the $100 v Sir Robert Borden, that came after Laurier who shows up with the Red Ensign. This is sometimes described by the truth that Borden governed during civilization War I.The see of the homes of conference on the existing Canadian Journey collection do not feature any kind of flag.
The new series $10 invoice is gift recalled due to the fact that there is a misprint in the poem In Flanders Fields. The very first line as printed, "In Flanders areas the poppies blow," startled plenty of people, who believed the critical word need to be "grow". John McCrae wrote two versions which were both published, but his original manuscript, the one used by the government and widely used for Remembrance day ceremonies, reads "blow". (The last two lines are, "We shall not sleep, despite poppies grow/In Flanders fields.")

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