I’ve been asked the same inquiry twice within a week, so here I am, happy to resolve a misconception.

Question: Isn’t it i can not accept to begin a sentence with the word because? i learned it to be wrong.

Short answer: the is agree to begin a sentence with anyword girlfriend want.

Longer answer: Yes, it’s perfect fine to begin sentences through because. In fact, it’s a great idea once you want to vary sentence structures, produce transitions, and write smoothly.


You have been a valued customer for 7 years, and we are very grateful for her business. Due to the fact that we evaluate our relationship with you, I desire to personally explain a change in our delivery policy.

The clause start with because ties the idea in the first sentence come the idea in the second sentence. Past that, the 2 longish sentence (one compound, one complex) circulation rather than sounding staccato. The because clause boosts the flow.

Apparently, the stunner rule versus because beginning a sentence is an effort by teacher to discourage young student from writing fragments:

I don’t have actually my homework. Because it go out out of mine notebook.

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The because question reminds me of a lyric in The wizard of Oz, which I have actually written mistakenly as a fragment:

We’re turn off to check out the wizard, the wonderful wizard the oz. Because, because, because, because, because–because that the wonderful points he does.

That’s specifically the thing teachers space trying to stamp out.

If you have actually been hesitant to start a sentence with because, forget that misguided rule. It’s perfect okay.

Because of part best-forgotten problems with our internet sites, this blog was under for number of days. Many thanks to Kathy and Christine because that checking in ~ above me.

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Grammar and Usage

Choosing the right article: A or An?

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