In our recent question and also answer, the pharmacist discusses taking Zyrtec-D and also Mucinex DM together.

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Akt asked

Can Zyrtec-D it is in taken through Mucinex DM (Dextromethorphan HBr 20 mg; guafenesin 400 mg)?



Yes, Zyrtec-D deserve to safely it is in taken through Mucinex DM. No one of the active ingredients in one of two people medication are known to interact with every other.

In-Depth Look

When pointing out potential interactions, the is important to failure all the the energetic ingredients the the medicine in question.

Zyrtec-D includes two active ingredients:

Mucinex DM likewise contains two energetic ingredients:

Cetirizine is a second-generation antihistamine, which differ from first-generation antihistamines (like Benadryl) in numerous respects. Second-generation antihistamines have a much longer duration of action (around 24 hours vs. 4 to 6) and lack far-ranging sedative effects.<1>

Pseudoephedrine is a sleep decongestant and also the active ingredient in Sudafed. Pseudoephedrine have to be purchase behind the pharmacy respond to as a forced per the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic act of 2005.<2>

Guaifenesin is one expectorant, which help to thin and also loosen rubber secretions in the airway. Thinned mucus secretions are much easier to expectorate.<3>

Dextromethorphan is a sneeze suppressant, which works in the "cough center" that the brain, reduce the sensation to cough.<4>

As proclaimed above, there space no known interactions between any the these active ingredients.

In fact, you"ll find numerous of them merged in single products. Because that example, "Mucinex Fast-Max", in enhancement to acetaminophen, consists of guaifenesin, dextromethorphan, and phenylephrine (a decongestant comparable to pseudoephedrine).

There are no assets unfortunately that combine all four, so you will have to take at least two (like Zyrtec-D and Mucinex DM).

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Final Words

It is always a good idea come look right into potential interactions, especially when that involves countless drugs or as soon as you take it prescription medication.