A pregnancy test kit is a stress-free method to examine if you are pregnant without going to the hospital. The result of this kit is precise. The is also really easy come use; friend pee on a pole or dip the pole in your pee. Pregnancy kits are also not expensive, and you can constantly find them at the medicine stores and grocery stores, so that is straightforward to obtain one and also use them.

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However, there room some amazing tales going round about the kit, such as pregnancy test kits deserve to be reused.

Can friend reuse a pregnant test kit? Once used, a pregnant test kit do not do it be reused because of its high sensitivity.

Pregnancy test kit that are offered at residence are design to provide accurate results so the pregnant women have the right to prepare choices and do the best decisions. Part women believe the pregnant test kit have the right to be reused. However, this at residence kit is simple and efficient equipment that is highly sensitive in law what that is design to do – detecting HCG, and also because the its high sensitivity, it can not be reused.

The kit includes an absorbent rod that works to record the urine v the siphon. The testing begins at the siphon. Chemicals the reacts v the urine! The urine has actually HCG. When the absorbent pole is filled v the urine, and also the substances already react, then you can longer usage the kit.

Can friend Reuse A Digital pregnant Test Kit?

Some women likewise think the is it s okay to reuse a digital pregnant test kit. No, friend can’t. Friend cannot use nay pregnant kit at all. The digital kit does not offer a shade indicator; it only shows a digital sign that you have to read. It is the difference between it and the non-digital pregnancy test.

Both check kits usage urine and also detect HCG, but none have the right to be reused.

Can A optimistic Test show Up If The check Kit Is Reused?

In some actual cases, women have taken pregnancy tests and also got a negative result, yet went ahead to reuse it because they no convinced. The 2nd time, they gained a optimistic result. Exactly how did this happen?

These instances happen as a result of the condensation phenomenon. The chemicals present it the house pregnancy test kit can change because it can react come other determinants in longer exposure time.

If you check out the indict in the test kit well, you will watch that the manufacturer instructs girlfriend to inspect the result within 5 minutes.

So instead of getting a false pregnancy test result, invest a small and get yourself a brand-new test kit come make certain you are gaining the specific result.

Myth around Pregnancy test Kits

One myth the is going approximately on the net is the you deserve to reuse a pregnant test kit once it is fully dried up since the check strip deserve to reabsorb the urine. It is a myth!

While the urine will undoubtedly reabsorb v the strip and also travel ago just prefer it did as soon as you took the first test, it will not provide you an exact result because, again, the chemicals have reacted, and also they have the right to no longer activate native the state they were in as soon as you very first used it- which was fresh.

How residence Pregnancy tests Work

A woman’s body just starts to relax HCG when a fertilized egg implants in her uterus. This happens about six work after conception in most women’s bodies. The levels of the HCG increase every work of the pregnancy, and it doubles around every two days.

Home pregnancy test kits have the right to detect this hormone from one mainly after a to let go period. Some tests are likewise able come detect HCG as beforehand as the job after girlfriend missed her period, but most the them space not sensitive enough to give accurate results if taken too soon.

Is there Any form Of pregnancy Test Kit That can Be Reused?

No, you cannot reuse any pregnancy test. They room use HCG strips, which have the right to work only once.

Even if the test kit hasn’t to be used and also it come in call with the atmosphere, it it s okay spoiled, and also you can’t usage it.

When You get A Positive an outcome From Reusing The pregnancy Test

If this happens, then you have gained a false positive pregnancy result. Even if it is you use it once or a hundred times, if you leave it to pass the an outcome reading time, friend will get a false pregnant test result.

This happens because the chemistry now have urine attached. When they have actually urine attached, they deserve to react to gases in that location to offer false pregnant test results.

Reusing a pregnancy test kit is no an option, and also even if friend do, the an outcome you acquire is not accurate.

Why reasons A supplied Pregnancy test Kit Not work-related For The second Time?

A house pregnancy test kit wouldn’t provide you a dependable answer due to the fact that its occupational depends ~ above the use of necessary particles. A pregnancy test kit’s HCH strip has HCG antibodies. As soon as you open up the test kit, this HCG detectors come in call with the atmosphere. And start come react with the surroundings. The chemicals might react in a way that castle would offer colored compounds that will show as a positive pregnancy test an outcome if the kit is provided the 2nd time.

When Is The finest Time To take A pregnancy Test in ~ Home?

Whatever result you room hoping come get, whether an adverse or positive, acquisition the check as early as the an initial day after your missed duration might seem ideal to you. However, taking the test too early on may give you a an unfavorable result, even if you have a baby growing inside you.

The 90% – 99% accuracy cases are valid as soon as you are additional along in pregnancy, not in the first couple of days. So, that is recommended the you wait for a week after you have missed your duration to take the test.

Is Morning The finest Time Of job To take A pregnant Test?


The time of the job you take your test at house does matter. Acquisition the test in the morning will more likely provide you an accurate result, especially if your duration is not late or only a few days late.

These check kits job-related by detecting the HCG in your urine. Her urine is more concentrated once you wake up in the morning, except you obtained up come pee regularly in the night. The amount of HCG in her urine is a bit greater in the morning, and if you room pregnant once you take it the check at this time, you are an ext likely to acquire a positive result.

You deserve to still take your pregnancy test in the center of the day, however. Girlfriend can even take the test at night. The is simply that taking it at this times will much more likely offer you a false an adverse result, especially if your duration isn’t a week late, or if you have actually been drinking a the majority of water.

How To use A house Pregnancy Test


You have the right to perform the residence pregnancy at any kind of time of the day; however, as mentioned above, testing first-morning urine is the best.

Urinate into a clean, dry key or cup.Remove the trial and error kit from its packaging and also hold it at the colored end. (Be careful not come touch the arrowhead end and also the test home window or the middle part of the check strip)Hold the piece vertically and also put its finish with the arrows right into the urine. Be cautious not come immerse previous the MAX line.Remove the strip from the urine when the sample has migrated come the test home window (This will certainly be excellent in 5 seconds).Place the check strip flat on a dry, clean, and non-absorbent surface such together a table through the MAX side facing up.

Reading your results

While you space waiting for your test result, you may see a colored systems moving throughout the check strip. The movement is normal. Wait because that 5 minute to get precise result. The check kit do not do it be left for much more than 5 minutes. The exact color of the line that shows is no important.

1 line = an adverse (Not pregnant)

If friend see only 1 colored line together the control line, that method your pregnant test an outcome is negative, and also you are not pregnant.

2 lines = optimistic (Pregnant)

If 2 colored lines show up on the kit, one together the trial and error line and the other one together the control line that means your pregnancy test result is positive. If the an outcome is positive and you deserve to assume that you are carrying a baby. Even if the currently you watch are an extremely light in color, you may still be pregnant.

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Invalid Results: 

If you do not view the regulate line, climate the pregnancy test is invalid. Invalid results may mean the test strip wasn’t accordingly saturated in the specimen. In this case, retake a pregnancy test and also if friend still obtain an invalid result, do an additional one the complying with day.