Latex paint is usually offered for painting larger locations such together walls and ceilings. Latex-based paint is rather Cheap compared to most other paints. The is additionally water-based favor acrylic paint and also latex paint is available in a wide selection of various colors and also finishes. In this article, we will certainly take a closer look in ~ latex paint, exactly how to paint over it, and what type of paint will stick come it.

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As a whole, latex repaint is water-based repaint so the is possible to paint over the with various other water-based paint, favor acrylic or latex paint. The is also feasible to paint oil-based paint over latex paint but painting latex paint over oil-based paint is not possible.

I read over and over again that you can´t use an oil-based paint over latex repaint so I decided to look additional into this through asking part specialists and also calling part hardware stores and as it turns out, that info is merely not true.

You deserve to paint oil-based repaint over latex paint. What girlfriend can´t perform is apply latex repaint over oil-based paint. The factor for the is since water-based paint won´t properly adhere to oil-based paint but oil-based paint can an extremely well adhere come water-based paint.

There are a few exceptions though particularly if you are dealing with an extremely old paint. Older at home paints frequently had oil in them therefore if you desire to repaint over older repaint then I would recommend utilizing a primer on the older paint prior to applying new paint just to be sure.

Paint That have the right to be offered Over Latex Paint


Latex paint is greatly used to repaint walls or ceilings nowadays. Therefore if you desire to provide the wall surfaces in her apartment a brand-new coat of repaint then friend can, many of the time, safe assume the they to be painted with latex paint. Yet what type of paints have the right to you usage to repaint your walls?

As a basic rule, any kind of water-based or oil-based paint have the right to be offered to repaint over latex paint. That is recommended to usage a primer when applying oil-based paints over latex repaint to ensure the the paint adheres properly. Latex paint deserve to be applied directly to various other latex-based paint.

Here is a table to provide you a short overview of every the paints the you can use to latex paint and also if you require a inside wall or not.

Acrylic PaintNo inside wall Needed
Latex PaintNo primer Needed
Oil-based PaintPrimer Recommended however not Needed
Shellac PaintNo primer Needed
Spray PaintMost Spray Paints Don´t require a Primer
Enamel PaintPrimer Recommended
Chalkboard PaintPrimer Recommended but not Needed

Using Acrylic paint to paint Over Latex Paint

Acrylic repaint is water-based for this reason it can usually be used directly come latex-based paints without any issues.

However, you need to clean the surface from any dust or debris prior to you paint acrylic repaint over latex paint.

I would just recommend making use of acrylic paint to paint over latex paint if the item, you want to paint, is little or if you want to include some details come a enlarge area. Acrylic repaint is perfect if you want to paint a mural on your wall, for example.

Unfortunately, acrylic paint is a small bit too expensive for paint a whole wall with it. Therefore if you arrangement on act that simply use an additional latex-based paint.

Using Latex paint to repaint Over Latex-Based Paint

Latex repaint is most likely the best selection to paint over wall surfaces that were formerly painted v latex-based paint. Therefore if you desire to repaint a wall surface then using latex paint is yes, really the best means to go.

If the previous paint, the you want to repaint over, is very dark or has actually a really different shade then applying a primer first is yes, really the best means to go. A primer will cover the basic paint completely and prepare the surface for the brand-new paint.

Doing this will ensure the the new paint rod properly and also you will save some of your paint because the primer will certainly cover the underlying paint better.

But if the underlying repaint is white or has a similar color that your new paint then no primer is yes, really needed. You deserve to simply use the paint directly to the wall or the item.

Using Oil-Base repaint to repaint Over Latex Paint

Oil-based paint will stick come latex paint however I would still recommend making use of a inside wall to prepare the surface ar properly.

While primers aren´t really vital when you paint oil-based paints over water-based paints I would certainly still recommend applying a primer merely to ensure the the oil-based paint adheres properly and also permanently to the surface.

It is also important to keep in mind that you can paint oil-based repaint over latex paint but not vise versa! Latex-based paints will not adhere come oil-based paint!

Using Shellac or Pray repaint to paint Over Latex Paint

Spray paints are recognized to adhere really well to many surfaces and that includes surfaces that were painted with latex-based paints.

You can use most spray paints directly to latex paint. Ns would, however, advise you to examine the product summary to check out to what kind of surfaces they adhere to ideal before using them.

Using Enamel paint to repaint Over Latex Paint

Enamel paint is oil-based paint. This means the very same things use for making use of enamel repaint to repaint over latex-based paint that also applied because that oil-based paints.

So you can use enamel repaint to repaint over latex paint yet it is usually recommended to prepare the surface by applying a inside wall first. Also though a inside wall is not necessary using one will usually yield much better results.

Paint Latex repaint with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard repaint is a form of repaint that deserve to be provided as a chalkboard after the dried. An interpretation you can attract on the surface ar with chalk and you deserve to clean the chalk off with some water and a sponge. It is an awesome impact paint and much more and an ext people start using it to decorate children’s rooms or even use that in office and also schools.

While it will adhere fairly well when applied directly come latex paint I highly recommend using a primer prior to painting the surface with the chalkboard paint.

The key reason being the you will attract on the surface. Meaning some pressure will be used to straight “scratch” over the surface with chalk. This is quite a the majority of strain because that the paint.

But if you usage a inside wall to prepare the surface before you apply the chalkboard paint then you will certainly ensure the the painted surface deserve to take the extra amount of strain put onto it.

So while it isn´t necessary to use a primer it is very recommended because that optimal results and to ensure the longevity of the paint.

How to repaint Over Latex Paint


Now that you have actually an idea the what kind of paint to usage to paint over latex-based paint, it is lastly time to actually obtain to the paint part. The procedure is quite straightforward and straightforward. So let´s begin!

Prepare the surface for Painting

Most of the time you will more than likely want to paint walls or ceilings the were formerly painted v latex-based paint. The very first thing you nearly always need to do as soon as painting miscellaneous is prepare the surface.

Depending on what you plan to do specifically the process of prepare the surface ar varies a little bit.

Painting the Whole wall surface or Ceiling

If you desire to repaint the whole wall or ceiling then you have to take into consideration if you need to prepare the surface with a inside wall or not.

You will rarely require a primer once painting over latex-based paint. You yes, really only require to apply a primer prior to painting when the previous color of the wall surface is considerably darker than the brand-new color or if you want to apply oil-based paint.

I would also recommend applying a inside wall if you room not sure if the wall surface was painted v latex repaint previously or not. If you use a inside wall on the wall before using the brand-new paint then you will make certain that the brand-new paint adheres properly and also you won´t get any kind of nasty surprises.

If the color of the wall is white or has a similar color together the brand-new paint climate no primer is really needed.

If you desire to usage a inside wall I extremely recommend using KILZ water-based Primer. This primer functions for both water-based and also oil-based paint and will rod to most surfaces easily.

You can buy KILZ primer in your local hardware store or right here on Amazon.

A inside wall is applied pretty much like continuous paint. Just use a roller to paint the primer directly on the wall surface or the ceiling and let it dry because that a couple of hours.

The Primer must be used in multiple thin coats rather of one thick coat to attain a good-looking final result.

Painting a smaller Item or only Parts that the Wall

When you only want to paint parts the the wall surface or a smaller sized item then you don´t should use a primer, most of the time. Instead, I would recommend using either Latex-based paint or Acrylic paint for that certain job.

You can use oil-based paint also but I discovered that water-based paints will usually give me the ideal looking results.

You have the right to paint directly on the surface without applying a inside wall first. Unfortunately, that also method that you need to apply the paint in multiple layers in stimulate to make it sheathe the underlying repaint properly.

Make certain to clean the surface ar from any kind of debris and dust before you apply any kind of paint come ensure the the new paint adheres correctly to the surface.

Apply the Paint


After preparing the surface properly it’s ultimately time to repaint it!

Depending top top the limit of your project I would recommend utilizing either a roller for bigger projects, like paint a wall, or a soft brush for smaller sized projects.

It doesn´t really issue what you select to use but if you want an even and also good-looking complete on your surface then girlfriend should use the paint in multiple slim coats.

Try to apply the paint in the same direction every time for example, constantly roll the roller up and down and also not up, down, and also sideways. The exact same goes for using a brush.

Applying the repaint like this will ensure that the finished result has an even coloration and also a quite finish. Permit the repaint dry in between coats. I usually apply between 2 and 4 coats depending on how well the paint covers.

You will typically need fewer coats if you provided a inside wall to prepare the surface.

Painting end Peeling Latex Paint


Sometimes girlfriend may have the concern where you desire to repaint a wall where the previous repaint started peeling off. Friend can´t really repaint over the directly however how have the right to you prepare the surface for a new coat of paint?

As a whole, that is not advisable come paint directly over peeling latex paint. The best course of action is come scrape as much paint off together possible, climate sand the surface ar until it is smooth, and finally use a primer to prepare the surface for a brand-new coat the paint.

One point you should always keep in mind is that there was a factor why the previous coat the latex-based repaint started peeling off.

So simply using a brand-new coat of latex paint straight to that won´t fix the trouble permanently. Unfortunately, you need to properly prepare the surface prior to you can use a new coat of paint to it.

Start through scraping off as lot of the paint off as possible. Shot not to damage the surface ar too lot while doing that. I would recommend using a plastic spatular for this however a regular metal spatula will likewise work simply fine.


After you gained off most of the ahead coat of paint it’s time to do the surface ar smooth again. Carry out this by sanding the surface ar with part fine-grit sandpaper. I would recommend making use of 100-grit sandpaper however you can also start v a rougher grit if your surface ar is an extremely uneven.

Once your surface ar is smoother, that doesn´t have to be perfect, it’s time to use a coat of primer. The primer will smoothen the surface ar further and also get to escape of any kind of smaller uneven components on the surface.

Apply multiple thin coats that the primer until you extended the entirety surface.

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The surface ar is currently ready to be painted. Therefore grab your new paint and also start applying it in slim coats. Permit the repaint dry in between layers. Girlfriend will more than likely need about 2 or 3 coats of repaint to cover the surface properly.